Compensated Guncrafter .50GI 1911 For Pin Shooting – Because RaceGun

    Guncrafter Industries are the people behind the .50GI, a .50 cal pistol round that can be used in .45acp pistol hosts. They caliber convert a 1911 and even a Glock.

    Well Ned Christiansen took his favorite pin shooting pistol and made it better.

    It’s in .50 GI caliber. I’ve never comped a .50 before and not sure but this could well be the first one to get a comp. I decided from the start I would go BIG on it since the .50 GI is not a high-speed, high intensity round, so it probably would not tend to benefit from a compensator as much as, say, 38 Super major. So—big gives more area for the escaping gasses to work against. But, big means heavy, in this case way too heavy for fast shooting and heavy enough to impede function, so I made it from aluminum. Will it hold up? Yes. Will it erode faster? Yes, but I’ve done them in aluminum before and it’s really not a concern if you’re not shooting 1000 rounds a week.

    I asked Alex to fit a second barrel to it, so it will have this 6” and a 5”. I’m shooting 255 SWC’s at about 850. I can go to 900 and beyond but of course there’s a speed penalty and this 216 power factor whacks a pin just fine.

    Start with a block of 7075 aluminum, about 2X2X4….

    Those are some massive ports.


    Here is a video of Ned shooting it at a Pin Shooting match.

    Go big or go home. To check out Ned’s full build check out the thread here.

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