Aklys Defense AKSV “Velociraptor” Integrally Suppressed AK Rifle

    Aklys Defense makes an integrally suppressed AK rifle called AKSV “Velociraptor”. The suppressor not only encloses the barrel but also the gas system. Combined with the use of a short stroke piston system, it prevents any gas flow back to the shooter. The company also states that this suppressor mitigates the recoil.

    The AKSV Velociraptor rifle is chambered in 7.62x39mm. Aklys Defense uses a custom profile barrel with 1:7 twist rate and nitrided surface treatment/finish. The fast twist rate is chosen to effectively stabilize the heavier and longer subsonic bullets.

    Although the rifle comes standard with Magpul MOE AK Stock and MOE AK Grip, Aklys Defense can make it with other furniture options too (e.g. side folding stocks). The AKSV “Velociraptor” comes with two magazines and a Picatinny rail or Trijicon RMR mount instead of the rear sight. It also has a new handguard designed to fit the suppressor. The rifle has an overall length of 32″ with a 9.33″ barrel length. It weighs 7 lbs 15 oz.

    Now let me ruin the article by telling you that the MSRP of this rifle is $4,285. Right now it is available for preorder with a requirement of $1,785 deposit. The rifle comes either in black Cerakote color or bead blasted stainless steel. For FDE or OD green Cerakote you will need to add $55 and if you want a custom Cerakote color then prepare $100. Oh, and don’t forget that you need two $200 tax stamps for the suppressor and SBR. First 10 orders will have a $400 discount though.

    Hrachya H

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