BE MINE! Five Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

    For those of you who are out in the dating scene, I applaud you. In the midst of all that is the internet – Snapchat, Tinder, MySpace, etc – the casual-scene pitfalls would surely be too much for me to endure. Instead, TFB is reaching out to those willing to make a commitment with five quick Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that very special man or woman. For everyone else, your mother, father or best friend would gladly accept a nice present from the list below.

    A quick note before we begin: I don’t really care for picking gear along gender lines – besides a tiny section of physical limitations from smaller-framed shooters, guns and accessories should be largely asexual in my opinion. Of course, people should have the freedom to buy and carry what they please, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was talking down to them by overusing pink or leading off with a gun that has the word “Lady” in the name. Valentine’s Day calls for a certain amount of color, flowers, and fluffiness.

    One last thing: The Brownells products below contain affiliate links. Clicking/buying using these links is an unobtrusive way to support TFB. Don’t want to click? No worries, we still love you. Thanks for reading.


    A classic revolver, the S&W LadySmith will give your loved one the confidence they need to get through most of today’s modern threats. If she’s stationed somewhere exotic, like Kabul or Baltimore, consider something that is both shoulder-fired and chambered in anything that begins with 7.62.



    Ladysmith Model 60 – Brownells

    The Smith & Wesson Model 60, the world’s first stainless steel revolver, was a success since its introduction in 1965. Praised by both law enforcement and sportsmen, the Model 60 was a stainless steel version of the Chiefs Special®; and began the era of stainless steel handgun production. The Model 60 is the perfect choice for those seeking a small frame, all-steel revolver with greater recoil control and proven performance. The Model 60 LadySmith™ integrates the time-tested features of the original with modern advancements.

    Order here – Brownells

    My not-so-secret admiration for GLOCK is fully transparent in my content here at TFB. Not that I don’t care for a bit of side strange action from time to time (sometimes double action). The G26 is one of the best fighting subcompacts on the market, and I don’t think I could live with a partner who didn’t own one.



    Gen5 Glock 26 – Brownells

    Known as the “BABY GLOCK,” the GLOCK 26 in 9x19mm has been the most sought-after concealed carry option since its release in 1994-a market once dominated by the 5-round snub nose revolver. The magazine capacity of 10 rounds is standard, and the highly accurate firing characteristics explain why the G26 is the mainstay backup option among security personnel and agencies worldwide.

    Order here – Brownells

    Live, Love, Rimfire. Not necessarily in that order. When you want to whisper sweet nothings into your lover’s ear, consider using a silencer and some subsonic ammo. Eley’ Contact .22LR will help you take those most intimate of shots.



    Eley Contact Subsonic .22LR – Brownells

    ELEY contact is a subsonic semi-automatic .22LR round designed to deliver extreme accuracy and improved knock-down performance with a softer sound and minimal recoil. The reduced recoil delivers quicker sight picture recovery important for the competitive semi-automatic shooter. Both ELEY force and ELEY contact are engineered with a heavier 42-grain bullet for high energy and are coated in a specially formulated paraffin wax to minimize build-up in actions and magazines.

    Order here – Brownells

    Do you love food but hate one-on-one picnics? It’s all that mindless chatter about life and dreams, isn’t it? Spice it up with the Tactical Solutions barrel and Magpul Takedown stock set for the 10/22 platform. Skip the poetry and serenade and show him/her that you are really in charge by whacking steel silhouettes from the checkered blanket.



    Tactical Solutions Barrel And Magpul Backpacker Stock – BrownellsKeeps Your 10/22 Takedown Compact & Portable While Improving Accuracy & Comfort

    The X-Ring Takedown Barrel & Stock Combo from Tactical Solutions lets you upgrade your Ruger 10/22® Takedown® for better ergonomics and accuracy without sacrificing its function as a lightweight, compact survival rifle. The Tactical Solutions X-Ring 10/22® TD drop-in replacement for the factory barrel is machined from light 6061 T6 aluminum, with a stainless steel shank and bore liner, to keep weight down while delivering excellent accuracy. Bonuses: the barrel comes with an adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight and muzzle threaded (1/2″-28 tpi) to accept a suppressor or other muzzle device.

    The other major component of the Tactical Solution X-Ring Takedown Barrel & Stock Combo is a Magpul X-22 Backpacker stock that preserves your rifle’s takedown capability for convenient storage or transport while adding a non-slip rubber recoil pad and an ergonomically enhanced forend for excellent support hand comfort and control. There’s a pair of interchangeable cheek risers, one for shooting with iron sights, and another, higher one that positions your head at the right height for an optic.

    Order here – Brownells

    Need a place to keep all those family planning supplies and marital aids? Magpul makes a whole line of Daka pouches in different sizes to contain those *cough* toys. Water and lubricant resistant, the Daka pouches will keep the elements out, or in, depending on the mission of the day. I chose to include the large pouches because TFB readers are, well, awesome.



    Magpul Daka Pouch – Brownells


    Magpul Daka Pouch – Brownells


    Magpul Daka Pouch – Brownells

    The Magpul DAKA Pouch, designed to bring organization to the dusty, dirty, and muddy world we work and play in.

    Made from polymer infused textiles that are welded on all seams and use a genuine YKK® water-resistant zipper. The construction methods and materials used mean that these pouches are at home in hard use applications like tool storage or bulk storage of your reloaded ammunition as well as lighter duties like organizing your personal electronic accessories. Although these pouches are not 100% waterproof (read submersible…) they will keep your items dry under most wet weather situations making them a great choice for most outdoor adventures.

    Made in the U.S.A.


    Large Pouch size 13″H x 9″ W
    Reinforced polymer fabric with anti-slip texture
    Welded construction creates permanent impenetrable seals
    YKK AquaGuard® water-repellent zipper
    550 paracord with heat shrink tubing for enhanced grip, even with gloves

    Order here – Brownells


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