[GAOS 2018] Inland Mfg Stakeout Firearm

    While walking the aisles at the Great American Outdoor Show, I came across these at the Inland Mfg booth. Ohio based Inland Manufacturing are the guys behind the reproduction M1 Carbines and are also collaborating with Ithaca to make reproduction M37 trench shotguns.Inland Manufacturing is following the recent trend and offering short barreled versions of their shotguns and calling the line the Stakeout.

    That’s Not A Shotgun

    Stakeout 1, 2, and firearm

    Their stocked short barreled Stakeout 1 is an NFA item and therefore a shotgun but the other two are not. The one above it is their Stakeout 2 and is basically the same as the SBS just without a stock. The grip on the Stakeout 2 looks to be a neutered stock from the M37 Trenchgun. They cut it short and cap the end with a piece of black plastic.

    Two Versions Of the Stakeout

    The other firearm is a black dyed version of the Stakeout 2 just with a different style grip. Looking at photos of the thumbhole stock on the Ithaca Deerslayer, I believe it received the same treatment as the Stakeout 2. This grip and the neutered stock on the Stakeout 2 have both been approved by the BATFE and are not considered stocks.

    The thumbhole style grip provides the shooter with a pistol style grip while still maintaining the overall length to satisfy the firearm classification.

    thumbhole grip

    The rep at the Inland Mfg booth was able to share a price and they are looking to sell these around $700. I would have liked them more if they came with the M37 heat shield. Comparing to my Mossberg Shockwave, I find that I have more control if I grab the barrel and a heat shield would certainly make it more comfortable. I imagine the recoil of the Stakeout would be similar to the Shockwave and having more control is always better.

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