NEW “The Icon” 1911 Pistol by Cabot Guns

    Cabot Guns has released another masterpiece for 2018 called The Icon. Its elegance is in its incredible simplicity. The Icon has no slide serrations and no markings on the slide which combined with the smooth grip and the beautiful grey color make this gun a magnificently beautiful sample of the iconic American handgun.

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    The Icon is made in two sizes – government and commander. The two versions have 5″ and 4.25″ barrels respectively. These pistols can be chambered either in .45 ACP or 9mm. The main parts are machined of 416 stainless steel. On the rear left side of the slide, there is a button which the company calls “Cabot Icon Racking Button”. With no slide serrations at all, this button must be designed to help to manipulate the slide.

    Other features of Cabot Icon pistols include the countersank and recessed slide stop notch, crowned barrel, aluminum trigger, scratch proof slide stop, flared ejection port, flat top slide, beveled magazine well and beavertail grip safety. The full-length recoil spring guide rod of the government model has an engraved star on the front portion. The grips are made of stainless steel, too.

    The Icon pistols come with two 8 round magazines. They are shipped in black cases shown below. Just like any other Cabot pistols, these are Cadillacs of 1911 world and are priced accordingly – $4,995. For additional $500 the customers can order alligator skin holsters.

    Below is a set of pictures of The Icon pistols.

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