[SHOT 2018] IWI USA’s 40mm UBGL/Standalone Grenade Launcher

    The IWI 40x46mm Low-Velocity UBGL/Standalone Grenade Launcher has been around for a few years but this is the first time we were able to actually get our hands on the launcher at TFB. Available for LE/Military customers worldwide, the launcher is designed to lock onto the bayonet lug of the Tavor 5.56x45mm X95 rifle by way of two locking pins that keep it in place. At first glance, it appears to be similar to any other UBGL/GL design on the market but IWI really seemed to put a lot of effort into the finer points of detail on the launcher.

    To begin with, it has a very tactile ambidextrous safety that can be easily accessed when handling the launcher both on and off the rifle.

    On the launcher barrel itself, there is an integrated Picatinny rail for forward grips. Many launchers these guys don’t have that feature. In addition, the handguard shroud covers the forward most portion of the muzzle, protecting it from knocks and dings due it also being the most forward portion when attached to the X95 rifle.

    The launcher can be configured to open to the right or left by simply disassembling it and configuring it to the desired position. More importantly, it allows longer 40mm shells to be used and can be reloaded in the prone.

    It also has a sort of extraction claw that a user can depress when 40mm shells are having a tough time being extracted from their position on the launcher.

    The standalone version has a fully adjustable stock with a recoil buffer, a single point sling mount, a full length Picatinny rail, and can fold in two.

    While on the rifle I noticed that a different trigger guard attachment has to be used with the X95 in order to accommodate the dimension of the launcher. Although it cannot be┬átriggered from the original X95 trigger position, the movement to the launcher trigger guard isn’t very far. Also, the flip up grenade launcher sights are integral to the launcher itself, so moving it to the standalone attachment won’t require the use of a different sighting system, unless of course one needs it.


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