[SHOT 2018] High Threat Concealment's New Products for 2018

Richard L.
by Richard L.

High Threat Concealment (HTC) specializes in providing concealed tactical gear for armed professionals demanding a low profile signature as well as the civilian wanting to utilize the best gear. The HTC line is modular allowing for scalability based on threat and need.

New for 2018 is the Mag Stacker Panel. For those with a smaller waist or those needing to carry a larger ammunition supply, the Mag Stacker helps to add capability despite the limited real estate on their beltline. The new Mag Stacker System is designed to offer more ammunition while still maintaining a concealed package. Due to the modularity of the panels, the magazine stacker panel can be configured for 4 pistol magazines and a rifle magazine or 2 pistol magazines and 2 rifle magazines. AR and pistol magazine carriers are ambidextrous, allowing the magazine to be loaded facing either direction.

The Mag Stacker Panel provides for those needing a concealable option for extra ammunition despite minimal real estate on their belt.

This year HTC brings a new, thinner, lighter, and stronger version of their battle belt called the Crux Belt. Like other HTC belts, the Crux Belt locks closely against the body when worn with an HTC velcro underbelt or non-slip Micro Grip insert. This new belt is made of laser cut Cordura laminate. Another improvement is a 3 piece stiffener in the battle belt for easier storage. The inner belt is also able to be popped out in 1.5′ increments to allow for mounting directly to the belt itself and pulling in closer to the body for better concealment.

You can see the new laser cut MOLLE as well as the ability for the belt to pop out to directly mount holsters or other accessories.
The Crux belt now has a 3 piece stiffener to allow for easier storage.

The Adaptive Platform Series (APS) holster line is a new holster offering designed for overt carry, specifically a drop leg application and designed to attach to the current systems such as G-Code, Safariland, Blade-Tech, or BLACKHAWK!. The APS holster is crafted from 1/8′ Boltaron, a material similar to Kydex but with greater durability and a higher softening temperature that enables it to retain its shape in more extreme environments. APS holsters will be available for many of the popular handgun brands such as Glock, Sig Sauer, Beretta, and Smith & Wesson M&P series.

The APS is compatible with mounts from many of the leading manufacturers such as Safariland, Blade-Tech, BLACKHAWK!, and G-Code.

HTC is also putting special focus on female shooters by adding belts as low as 24″ and will be providing new innovations in the near future with the female shooter in mind.

This is a 24 belt, designed with the female shooter in mind.
Richard L.
Richard L.

Richard lives in southern Indiana and has a strong interest in training, modified pistols, optics, and low profile gear/tactics. Some may consider it hoarding or some form of addiction, but he never tires in his pursuits as a stamp and lumen collector!For any corrections, input, or interest in posts, you can reach him at rlidelldsg@gmail.com.

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  • Mike Mike on Feb 13, 2018

    Great for bank robbers, remember the movie Heat?

  • Retfed Retfed on Feb 13, 2018

    I don't get it. If you're carrying concealed, you don't want to look like you're carrying a pistol. The average soccer mom may not notice the web overbelt with the quick-release plastic buckle under your open jacket, but the bad guys will, and they'll figure out that you're not an insurance salesman. (They're not stupid, just dishonest, sociopathic, and violent.) And if you're carrying a rifle, why do you need to conceal anything?
    Please explain.

    • Dick Lidell Dick Lidell on Feb 15, 2018

      @retfed Not all of the gear is used for the same purposes. In some cases their low profile gear is used just to be more slimline to get caught on less and provide greater agility. Other gear is actually designed for the purpose of concealment. With a jacket its amazing how much you can conceal, especially to the normal public eye. Look at the size of the PDWs available today. Makes it much easier to carry, whether that means hidden under a jacket or in a backpack or possibly stowed close by.