Bad Company Tactical Drops Handgun Emphasis, Moving to Grenade Launchers, Rifles, Tools

    We previously covered Bad Company Tactical on TFB in SHOT shows past and looked closely at the companies R2S quick detachment system. Initially Bad Company Tactical was focusing their efforts on handgun holster systems, attaching their R2S to the Picatinny rail of a handgun and placing that into an open holster that could fit numerous designs. Although it appears to have been a solid design, the market hasn’t really taken to the handgun option. Instead, the company is following customer demand and moving towards more mounts designed for grenade launchers, rifles, and really any tool that the R2S male hook can be attached to securely. To that end, Bad Company Tactical has expanded their Picatinny mounted line, and even into the world of MOLE and PALS webbing to mount their female base attachments.

    If it can be mounted to the R2S system, then it can work.

    This version is for a MOLLE vest or pack.

    In addition, they’ve offered different lengths of their male hooks to accommodate wider rifle receivers that need an extra inch to be hooked on a belt or other piece of gear. Notice the different positions that the male hook can be attached to the Picatinny bases.

    I personally like their R2S system a lot due to several reasons. The first is brute simplicity. The male hook goes into the female base clip, and is only released with the push of a side-mounted button. There isn’t some sort of complicated locking system that makes the design work. Second, it is extremely rugged. The owner mentioned that they put up to 500 pounds of weight on the hook in the female base plate, and it didn’t bend or deform. Third, they are adaptable to a wide array of systems, both small arms and just regular tools that various LE or Military teams need on the job, and very quickly at that.


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