Amend2 Introduces Glock Magazines

    Originally known for their AR15 magazines with floor plate retainer in the shape of a bright red “2”, the Idaho based company Amend2 has introduced an entire line of Glock magazines as a part of SHOT 2018. The magazines use a glass fiber filled nylon magazine frame (no internal metal body), and have a very gracious baseplate that shares some contour lines from H&K USP magazines at a distance (with the exception of the Glock 42,43, and 31 compatible magazines). Followers are bright red and the floor plate retainer is the same “2” shape as the earlier AR15 magazines that company was founded on. The back of the magazines have round count indexing holes as well.

    Notice the side cutout to strengthen the frame of the magazine and keep the rounds in line.

    Disassembling the Glock magazines was much easier than taking apart an original Glock produced one. 

    This is a chart listing the round count for each Glock compatible magazine they have. The entire line is priced at $16.99 MSRP for a single magazine on Amend2’s website. Shipping is free if the order is over $50 worth of magazines.

    Model Round Count
    Glock 17 18
    Glock 19 15
    Glock 42 6
    Glock 43 6
    Glock 22 15
    Glock 23 13
    Glock 31 15
    Glock 32 13


    Also on display were some of the companies AR15 magazines in different designs and hydro-dipped patterns, showing what Amend2 was capable of producing.These are availible for $14.95 on the Amend2 website.

    Something I didn’t know previously but Amend2 does custom orders (over a thousand units) for other companies that want their magazines but want to engrave their logo or name on the side of the magazine instead of having “Amend2” on the side.

    Unfortunately, this “Minus Five” floorplate limiter has to exist, but these are available from Amend2 if you live in a restricted state, bringing a 10 round magazine down to a 5 round magazine. It simply replaces the standard floor plate. 


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