Silencer Saturday #6 – The Quiet Man

    It warms my heart to see so many silencer-ready firearms coming to market. Just in to TFB from Newport, New Hampshire are two of the newest rifles from Ruger: the Ruger Precision Rimfire (RPR) and the Ruger PC Carbine (PCC). While both feature threaded barrels in a standard 1/2“ x 28 thread pitch, a similar release of new rifles ten years ago might have ignored suppressor compatibility. You really have to hand it to Ruger: for a company who’s typical customer used to be strictly a bolt gun/White Tail type of shooter, they are making it easier to be the Quiet Man or Woman. Side note, if you haven’t seen the John Wayne classic, it’s worth your time.

    May their days be long and full of happiness; may their children be many and full of health; and may they live in peace… and freedom. –

    The Quiet Man – Republic Pictures, 1952.

    TFB SILENCER Saturday – Be The Quiet Man – #BETHEQUIETMAN

    Moving on, for those who are in to ‘chasing decibels’ (finding the quietest setup), internal volume, subsonic ammunition and using an ablative media (running wet) is standard practice. The goal of adding a small amount of liquid to a silencer is to interfere with the fuel/air mixture between the baffles – especially in the blast (first) chamber.

    While liquids and gels work well as ablative media, they can be both inconvenient and messy. For a couple of months I have been testing an alternative: the Discreet Ballistics PopStop is device that gives the shooter the ability to inject carbon dioxide directly into the blast chamber.

    The benefits are a clean, easy to use and quiet setup. The downsides are a the added length and bulk of an industrial grade shrader valve. After about eight types of ammo, one of which was supersonic, the PopStop works as described – “first round pop” is basically eliminated.

    Quiet man

    Discreet Ballistics: PopStop

    Quiet man

    Discreet Ballistics: PopStop

    Quiet Man

    Discreet Ballistics: PopStop

    Quiet man

    Discreet Ballistics: PopStop

    Pairing the PopStop with a Gemtech Quick Attach .22 Adapter made the system more integrated, but obviously added to the length.

    Quiet Man

    Discreet Ballistics: PopStop

    This is obviously a unique device, but being the first commercial version, I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

    Discreet Ballistics PopStop – $139.00

    PopStop™ is a proprietary device that eliminates what is commonly known as first round pop (FRP) in suppressors. First round pop occurs when oxygen contained in a “cold” suppressor meets unburnt hot propellant. With certain suppressors, first round pop can account for more than twice the impulse noise as the subsequent shot through the same suppressor. PopStop interfaces between barrel and suppressor and utilizes a valve that allows for an injection of inert carbon dioxide into the suppressor via commonly available carbon dioxide cartridges and handheld tire inflators. The result is a suppressor purged of oxidation gas (oxygen) and replaced with an inert gas (carbon dioxide). We’ve tested the effects of PopStop lasting up to five minutes with a one second injection. The effects can last even longer if a condom (or similar) is used to seal the end of the suppressor post-injection.

    An owner of a brand new SilencerCo Maxim 50 sent in these pictures of his new new muzzleloader with a “deviation” in the muzzle device and barrel. Note the boreline is not concentric to the device baffles (i.e. it’s bent). This is always something you want check when getting ready to shoot a new host/gun combination.

    Quiet Man

    Silencer Saturday: Reader Submission

    Silencer Saturday: Reader Submission

    Quiet Man

    Silencer Saturday: Reader Submission

    Before someone jumps on me for picking on the Maxim 50 again, this can happen to any manufacturer or model. Heck, it could have happened during shipping for all I know. But this does give us the opportunity to talk about warranties within the silencer industry, of which SilencerCo touts as being one of the best.

    SilencerCo – warranty

    We proudly stand behind the quality of our products with a lifetime warranty, no matter what—even if it’s not a product defect. Our 48 hour repair turnaround even warranties stupid…once. If you experience any issues, please contact our Customer Service team at 801.417.5384

    If your silencer has a defect in manufacturing or materials, there will be no charges for service or replacement through our SilencerCo facility. If we determine that a claim is not covered under warranty, a discounted replacement option will be granted.

    This warranty does not cover damage to the silencer or host firearm resulting from careless or irresponsible handling, adjustments or modifications to design, negligence, or other abuse. SilencerCo assumes no liability for unsafe or illegal use of the silencer by its purchaser or any other user that comes in contact with the product after purchase. SilencerCo assumes no responsibility for physical injury or property damage resulting from careless or irresponsible handling or by any use contrary to the recommendations, warnings, and cautions generally listed in this manual. SilencerCo does not cover damage to the silencer or host firearm resulting from improper hand-loaded or reloaded ammunition or defective ammunition.

    Point being, for device that requires an additional $200 tax, the warranty information for your manufacturer of choice can hold some important information. Let’s take a look at some other manufacturers warranties.

    Dead Air Armament – warranty

    We provide a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects and damages caused by the normal use of this product. The manufacturer will repair or replace free of charge any suppressor manufactured by, or at the direction of, Sound Moderation Technologies. The product is sold “as is” with no further implied contractual rights or warranties beyond those expressly stated herein.

    The warranty does not apply to certain conditions or acts. It is at the sole discretion and determination of Sound Moderation Technologies if a particular defect or condition is covered by this warranty. Conditions not covered include, but are not limited to: modifications, abuse, neglect, use of defective ammunition, use of improperly sized ammunition, and criminal conduct. Sound Moderation Technologies assumes no liability for damages or bodily injury caused by such acts or omissions as previously described. Abuse and neglect are defined as usage outside of the reasonable scope for which the product is intended, thus contributing to the accelerated and unreasonable premature wear of the suppressor itself.

    If a repair is indicated then the owner must contact our Customer Service Department at (877) 892-7544. A Dead Air Armament representative will make arrangements for return of the suppressor at manufacturer’s shipping expense. DO NOT SHIP THE SUPPRESSOR FOR REPAIR WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DO NOT SHIP IN ANY EVENT WITHOUT A COPY OF THE APPROVED BATF FORM. When you ship the suppressor back to the manufacturer, please include a detailed statement concerning the type of defect or malfunction encountered and describe the ammunition used and type of host weapon the product was used on or attached.

    If for any reason your suppressor is not eligible for repair or replacement, you may purchase a replacement suppressor for 50% off the MSRP for a same or similar suppressor. Please contact our Customer Service Department for further details and requirements.

    Gemtech – Warranty

    The federal Magnuson-Moss Act (the “Act”) does not require any business to provide a written warranty. The Act allows businesses to determine whether to warrant their products in writing. However, once abusiness decides to offer a written warranty on a consumer product, it must comply with the Act. Rather than trying to comply with the various provisions of the Act, Gemtech has simply decided not to provide any written warranty.

    You may have other rights, such as implied warranties, that vary from state to state.
    It is our intent that the customer be completely satisfied with the product. Please contact our customer service department with any questions or concerns you may have regarding any Gemtech brand product.
    All liability is excluded in the event that applicable product warnings and instructions are not observed.
    Gemtech reserves the right to make changes at any time and without notice, in prices, to change specifications or designs, to add or remove accessory materials, and to add or delete items without incurring any obligation.

    Bowers Group – warranty

    We don’t try to assign blame. Instead, we provide you with fast, courteous and professional service.

    If you shoot up the baffle stack with a bad threading job or because the can got loose, or you’ve filled it with crud from firing countless tens of thousands of rounds through it over the years, we don’t care; we’ll be happy to fix it.

    We don’t charge for parts or labor; we just ask that you enclose a check in the amount of $20 to cover our return shipping and insurance. It’s that simple and that fair, because we really do appreciate your support.

    If you need technical assistance, have questions or want to send your silencer back for cleaning or service please give us a call at 503-992-8697 or email us for more information. When emailing please make sure to include a phone number.

    Rugged Suppressors – Warranty

    Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

    With Rugged Suppressors’s strict quality control measures and use of premium materials, we can offer an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

    If for any reason you have an issue with a Rugged Suppressors product, we will repair or replace it free of charge. Period. Even if you drop it from a mountain. That’s why it’s called an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and that’s why there’s no small legal type needed.

    Interestingly, the Gemtech warranty statement has apparently changed. It used to read:

    Our “warranty” has been practiced since our personnel started in the suppressor business in 1976, in a time before legalese and when a handshake and this simple statement sufficed: “If a Gemtech product breaks and it’s your fault, we’ll fix it for a fair price in a timely manner. If it’s our fault, we’ll fix it quickly at no charge.” This policy born of pride in craftsmanship and honor has served us and our clients well for over two decades and will continue in Gemtech’s future.*

    *Google Cache

    I’m not sure if thIs is a legal wording change, a philosophy change or a move towards an S&W inclusion. I’ll check with them on Monday.

    Thanks to MAC Tactical for countless hours of FFL Support to TFB


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