USA1SHOT’s Handgun Stabilizer

    USA1SHOT  makes these injection-molded platforms that allow a shooter to non-permanently attach a brace to the grip of a handgun, while also attaching a Shockwave brace to the end of the brace itself. The majority of these buffer braces are permanently attached to the handgun stabilizer, lacking any ability to uninstall the buffer tube itself. Some of them even have Hera Arms Adaptors, giving useres the ability to collapse into two along the right side of the handgun.

    The grip attachment point on the stabilizer is meant to function through friction. Essentially users have to take their handgun and slide it in by starting at an angle. Because the material is smooth, there isn’t going to be a any damage to the firearm and it is going to stay relatively together. Of course, through hard abuse or some actual shooting competition, the stabilizer could easily come off. Versions are made to fit Glocks, S&W M&Ps, S&W Shields, Sig P320s, and 1911s with a flat mainspring housing. The ATF approved stabilizer is $249, with a discounted 10 in bulk for $199.

    Along with everything else that goes into putting a stabilizing brace on a handgun, does this device actually make using a handgun more accurate or give a better and more stabilizing position for longer range accurate shooting? But does it do it that much better than a submachine or PCC? Or is the 9x19mm round just too reliable beyond practical combat engagement ranges? The answers start falling into a grey area. So for now, I can’t see this product anything other than a novelty. A very neat, and interesting one, but not something that a Law Enforcement entity would actually purchase for officers in it.

    It is a really neat way to work around having a stock applied to a handgun without any permanent addition!


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