[SHOT 2018] Primary Weapon Systems New M Line and PCC

    Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) is known for making a long stroke piston AR rifles. What sets them apart from other AR manufacturers is their ability to run internals modeled after the AK platform; while still maintaining the ergonomics and last round bolt hold open benefits of an AR. The long stroke piston system reduces the amount of metal on metal impact, thus reducing reliability issues and parts breakage.

     New for 2018 is the addition of their M line product line. These products feature M-Lok rails in the form of a “PicLok” setup allowing for both Picatinny and M-Lok accessories be mounted. Previously rails had been set up in a “PicMod” setup, which allowed both Picatinny and Keymod accessories to be used. Other additions include the change to a Radian Raptor charging handle, Radian ambidextrous safety selector, and a new trigger.

    Here is a closeup of the Radian Ambi safety and Radian charging handle shown on a PWS cutaway rifle.

    A new pistol brace referred to as the Pistol Storage Device has also been added that allows for users to stow extra magazines inside the brace. The Pistol Storage Device has room to stow one rifle magazine or two pistol magazines. The KAK Shockwave brace, used prior, was firm and effective for lighter rounds such as 5.56.  However, when shooting heavier rounds such as 7.62×39, the recoil impulse became uncomfortable due to the minimum width of the brace. With the new Pistol Storage Device, the added width of the magazine inside the brace should make for a much more comfortable brace for heavier calibers as the recoil will be dispersed over a larger area.

    Notice the width of the brace in comparison with the KAK brace below. (Author’s photograph)

    The KAK brace is a lower profile but the thin butt is not comfortable for rifles with greater recoil.

    To follow the trend, PWS also released a new Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC), which will be available in rifle, short barrel rifle, and pistol configurations. One very important feature is that Glock magazines will be used in this new PWS PCC, giving the user easy access to a lot of reliable magazines at an affordable price point. The PCC also has PWS’s PCC compensator that was designed for superior muzzle stabilization and shooting prone as there is no opening at the bottom to kick up debris.

    Shown here are the new M-Lok rail section and PCC Comp with the opening at the top.

    Richard L.

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