New Krinkov Offering from Iron Claw Tactical

    Iron Claw Tactical out of Wisconsin was showing off a 5.45x39mm Krink option that the company has recently put together. Built off a Bulgarian SLR-104UR SBR (stock form sold by Arsenal), the Iron Claw Tactical has a number of aftermarket parts, and parts of the companies own line that come together under a single gray Cerakote job.

    First off, the company added their own magazine well, which is designed to allow an AK magazine to be inserted straight up into position, instead of being rocked into place. Last year we saw their system with 7.62x39mm magazines but this year the company is going with 5.45x39mm magazines. These also happen to be a straighter magazine to begin with, so the shape helps with the insertion. Notice the R2S hook mounted on the left side of the magazine well made by Bad Company Tactical.

    This is what the system looked like last year with a 7.62x39mm magazine.


    Gone is the standard Kalashnikov tilting safety, replaced by an ambidextrous push-button safety that is pushed to center for safe, and to either side left or right for fire.

    It also sports a Davis Tactical Solutions left-hand, non-reciprocating, latch on closing charging handle and receiver cover. So not only does the charging handle not reciprocate during the course of fire, but it also springs forward, and automatically latches closed. The stock charging handle is still present on the right side though.

    The folding stock is a Zentico PT-3 buttstock with an adjustable length of pull and cheek rest. It has a captive locking lever to lock the stock in a desired position.

    Handguards are from SLR Rifleworks and are their AK 5.0″ Lite M-Lok Mini Draco. The Krink also sports a Ryker grip, offset to the left. We’ve covered the Ryker in our SHOT 2018 coverage as well.

    This is a video made of the owner John explaining his system on the show floor.


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