[SHOT 2018] Lancer’s New AR Magazine Well Extension and .300 AAC Blackout Advanced Warfighter Magazine

    This year at SHOT 2018 Lancer has produced a new AR magazine well extension and a designated .300 AAC BLK Advanced Warfighter Magazine (AWM). After hearing of a designated .300 AAC BLK magazine I was somewhat confused as I had always assumed magazines would function the same whether running .223, 5.56, or .300 Blackout. When I asked more about the magazine I found the .300 Blackout magazine had a different internal geometry with increased rib clearance for better feeding and to prevent binding with 200-grain bullets or heavier, significantly increasing reliability.

    The new .300 AAC BLK magazines have a tan follower and are laser engraved to make sure there is no confusion with standard 5.56 magazines even if the magazine is being stowed in a pouch. Color options for the body will include Opaque Black and Translucent Smoke with capacities of 10, 20, and 30 rounds being available.

    Caliber designation is engraved to make confusion with similar calibers less likely.

    As you can see in the picture below, the magazines also have a tan base plate as a secondary means of quick caliber identification unlike the previous 5.56 models with black base plates.

    The new .300 AAC Blackout magazine uses a tan base plate to distinguish from the previous black 5.56 warfighter magazines.

    The new .300 AAC BLK will be available in early February and will have the same MSRP as the 5.56 Advanced Warfighter magazines.
    Another new product from Lancer is a new AR magazine well extension.  While Lancer had previous made aluminum magazine well extension, the new polymer magazine well extension is designed to cut weight.
    Installation is simple. Simply slide the new magazine well extension over the magazine well of the lower.
    Using a fine point push in the detents so they lock into the magazine well side of the trigger guard.
    Finally, press in the detents on the winter trigger guard so they attach to the bottom of the magazine well extension. You can see how much extra room is added by the magazine well extension to help guide magazines and increase reload speeds.
    Richard L.

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