Knight’s Armament Is Opening Up Their Vault

    Just before SHOT Show, Knight’s Armament announced that they will be bringing out old school products and making them available for the commercial market. They are calling it The Vault. The items in the Vault are not just products that they used to make, but these are products that were not commercially available for civilians. They were originally made for government and defense contracts. And there were some small numbers that leaked out to civilians in the past but now you can own them at normal prices.

    Hush Puppy

    The jewel of the Vault’s crown would have to be the re-release of the KAC Hush Puppy. TFB did a video of an original one last year.

    The Vault Hush Puppy Beretta Hush Puppy Instruction Manual

    The KAC Hush Puppy is a modified Beretta 92. It has an actual slide stop that stops the slide from cycling. Combined with their snap-on suppressor, and the right ammunition you have the quietest suppressed pistol setup. Flip the slide stop down and the gun will cycle like normal.

    KAC is also offering the snap on suppressor separately and it comes with the proprietary barrel for a Beretta 92. Rather than using conventional threading, the snap on suppressor attaches like a QD suppressor attaches onto an M4 flash hider. The proprietary barrel is basically an extended 92 barrel with slots on either side of the muzzle. You slide the suppressor over the barrel and close the clasp down to attach it to the Beretta.

    Here is the downside. The price. The XM9 SNAP-ON Suppressor will retail for $1999.95. The Hush Puppy is even more at $8,499.95 but it is extremely limited. They are only going to make and release 20 sets.

    The Vault Products Are Limited Edition

    Just like the Hush Puppy, the products re-released under The Vault are going to be limited production items. What you see here will only be made and released in 2018. Next year they will re-release other items but once the 2018 line is sold out, they might not be made again.

    Thanks to N.S. Defense LLC, I was able to obtain a list of the 2018 Vault items with prices.

    XM9 Snap-On Suppressor Kit – $1,999.95
    Hush Puppy – $8,499.95
    Aimpoint Micro NVG Riser Mount $223.99
    FF Rifle RAS Carbine 5.56 – $325.26
    FF Rifle RAS Too Long 5.56 – $337.90
    FF Rifle Mid Length 5.56 – $341.04
    FF Mre RAS W/Filler Rail Kit 5.56 – $512.20
    HK 91 RAS – $344.47
    HK 93 RAS – $344.47
    HK MP5 RAS – $344.47
    Below are photos I took of the display case at SHOT Show.

    The MRE (More Real Estate) rail (seen above) is a definite unicorn in the world of rails. It was made for a defense contract and only a small number were produced.

    The Chrome Sand Cutter Bolt Carrier was something KAC made but never released. It was designed to help extract dirt and grime from the inside of a receiver as the bolt carrier cycled. It was made for sandy environments. If you look closely at the side of the Sand Cutter Bolt, you can see diagonal serrations along the side. These are what help extract dirt in the upper receiver. This bolt will work in a DI upper receiver and it looks to be full auto compatible.

    According to N.S. Defense LLC they will be getting three of the twenty Hush Puppy pistol kits and they will be stocking the rest of the Vault items when they are released later this year. Check them out for announcements then the Vault items are in stock.

    edit: My friend Adam Pini at KAC has informed me that some of the items on the list and Inn thr dispaly case at SHOT are not limited Vault items. Specifically the uppers, two suppressors (the XM9 snap on suppressor still is), muzzle devices and the Sand cutter bolt are not considered  Vault items.

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