[GAOS 2018] Nite Site Night Vision IR Scope Camera

    At the Great American Outdoor Show I came across Nite Site. I was reminded of the prototype Skoped Vision by Phone Skope where you can record what your scope sees. This is a similar concept but instead of using a phone it is a dedicated camera system with a view screen that can see in the dark. Yes it is night vision.

    The RTEK camera is IR sensitive. Basically it is a black and white digital camera where the CCD sensor does not have the hot mirror to block out IR light. The camera mounts to the eye piece of the scope. Just like hunting lights, the view screen is mounted to the scope body. The view screen also acts like a hunting light and has IR LEDs inside. By using IR leds, you can see at night. Now this system is not really night vision as it does not amplify light like real night vision.

    There are three different versions of the RTEK and it differs based on how far the IR LEDs are thrown down range. The Viper throws light out to 100 yards, Wolf is set for 300 yards and the Eagle version throws light out to 500 yards.

    There are recording versions and non recording versions. The recording versions save the video onto a micro SD card or you can live stream it to an iOS or Android device via their app.

    Here is a setup on a cross bow.

    Nite Site even has a handheld spotter. It looks like a giant temperature gun.

    There are toggle switches at the bottom of the housing that adjust focus of the optic. The other toggle adjusts zoom.

    • Eagle RTEX 500 yds $1350
    • Wolf RTEK 300 yds $1100
    • Viper RTEK 100 yds $850

    There can be some issues with some scopes that have special lens coatings that affect IR light. For more information check out Nite Site’s website.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
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