[SHOT 2018] U.S. Optics 1-6×24 Day Scope

    New for U.S. Optics this year is the SVS 1-6x24mm day optic. Dialing it down a notch from the Schmidt & Bender and Nightforce 1-8x scopes that were also introduced this year. The company has also partnered with ZRODELTA to offer the 1-6×24 in the ZRODELTA mounts. The mounts have orange tightening screws match with orange scope ring screws as well. This signatory “orange” scheme is throughout every other optic that U.S. Optics had on display at their booth.

    The scope’s overall length is 10.13″ and weighs in 22.2 oz. It is magnified in the second focal plane and has a 3.5″ eye relief. It also uses a 34mm tube instead of a 30mm one.

    One of the features of the 1-6x24mm SVS is the illuminated reticule. Powered by a 3 Volt CR 2032 battery on the left side turret of the scope, one can brighten up the reticle from 0 through numerous power settings that illuminate a 2 MOA red dot.

    The illuminated reticle is turned on by pressing this rubber button on the outside of the illumination┬áturret. The separate┬ácircular knob is used by the company to access the internal┬ácomponents of the scope body itself. This isn’t designed to be opened once the scope has left the factory, unless to repair it at the factory.

    The scope itself simply has two variable marked settings, “1” and “6” with nothing in between.

    The scope mount uses two sets of locking lugs that allow it to be clamped down on a Picatinny rail. These can be unscrewed to where they can easily come off and on the rail, but then tightened down to provide a solid lock on the rail itself. In addition, they have a total of 6 cross bolts running across them, providing extra contact with the rail. Notice the design of the tightening screws with additional surface space for fingers to grab on to.

    The scope will be for sale in the 2nd Quarter of 2018, MSRP will be $1299 without the Delta mount, and $1399 with it.


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