[SHOT 2018] Ops-Core’s New Fast SF Helmet Line

    Ops-Core is releasing a new line of Fast Helmets in both ballistic and carbon fiber. The ballistic version will first be released with an MSRP of $1700 and weighs lighter than its predecessor. A sales rep at the Ops-Core booth said the SF was 6% lighter when compared to the Maritime helmet.

    The inside liner of the new SF helmets will be vented, provide 360-degree impact protection for the user, and provide channels to run comms cords inside the helmet. The helmet will also come with 3 different liners with different thicknesses to allow for custom comfort.

    The new SF helmets look extremely familiar but the only feature that is the same as the Maritime is the chin strap. The ARC Rail has been significantly changed as they now have zip tie holes for controlling cordage routes. An ARC Shim is also available now to attach accessories without using up valuable rail space.

    The night vision mount has undergone changes as well with the addition of a removable aluminum insert to allow for greater modularity to swap out night vision devices.

    A new velcro pattern has been used to break up the signature on thermal cameras and the back velcro is actually designed to be used with a MOHOC camera. The MOHOC camera is a durable, low profile camera system designed for use on helmets with the ability to withstand exposure to the harshest environments. The bungie location has also been changed to be less obtrusive but still readily available.

    New ballistic rated and carbon fiber mandibles will also be offered. The carbon fiber mandible will have a door over the mouthpiece that can be opened if needed. The ballistic mandible, like the ballistic SF helmet, will be capable Socom-level protection (Frag resistance plus 9mm at 1200fps).

    This is the carbon fiber mandible with the breathable door.

    This is the ballistic mandible capable of stopping 9mm and shrapnel.

    The accessories definitely compliment the new SF line of helmets, but they are also fully backward compatible.

    Richard L.

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