[SHOT 2018] NEW SOG Tools Span from the Practical to the Boutique

    SOG Tools

    Every year I am amazed to see what is unveiled at SHOT Show not only for the wicked firearms introduced but also the unique tools. No matter how many multi-tools or knives I own, manufacturers like SOG create something that makes me believe I need another one. So let’s take a look at SOG tools that will be rolling out brand new throughout 2018.


    SOG tools

    [Left to Right] Flare and SOG-TAC California Special

    sog-tac california special

    This little number has a machined aluminum handle that is hard-coat anodized, features a reversible belt-clip like many SOG knives and automatically opens at the press of a button. It is a straight edge with a clip point blade at a petite 1.9″ in length.

    The cherry on top of this knife is it is legal in California. No joke! With a collapsed overall length of 3.9″ and a blade length of 1.9″ it meets all the acceptable requirements for automatic knives in California. The SOG-TAC California Special can be seen above on the right-hand side. The current MSRP is $134.


    The Flare knife can be seen in the above photo as well on the left-hand side. This Spring-Assist opening knife looks to win the hearts of consumers because it is built to be durable and is affordable. With an MSRP of $40 and featuring the SOG Assisted Technology opening system, it already is a bargain for consumers. It has a satin-polished finish on a 3.5″ clip-point blade.

    With a closed overall length of 4.5″ and a moderate price point, this should provide a lot of value at a reasonable price.

    SOG toolsace

    The Ace is another affordable offering you could throw into your cart or basket of SOG tools. This fixed blade knife comes with a molded sheath and cuts in at a price point of $34 MSRP. It employs a straight, clip-point blade with a machine ground edge and a stone wash finish.

    The overall length is 8.6″ with a 3.8″ blade length. The TPR handle (thermoplastic rubber) gives the user good dexterity while wielding it which is probably my favorite feature of this particular knife. A small bonus is a sheath that houses the knife could be used as a rudimentary seat-belt cutter as well.

    SOG tools

    [Left to Right] Bite and Keytron


    Many SOG tools have lots of engineering built into them with tons of hidden implements and tools for endless, secret utility. Then… there is the Bite. It is a straight up SOG MACV skull logo in a black finish that will crack open your beer in style. Clip it to MOLLE, the shoulder strap of a backpack or your belt. There is often beauty in simplicity and we love it when beer gets tied into the mix.

    This little wonder skull has an MSRP only $14.


    This tool is another iteration of simplicity personified. The Keytron is a key ring you could deploy for everyday use with your car keys or house keys, but you get the added usefulness of a small knife and a bottle opener. You never know when the need may arise to crack open a cold one, right?

    It uses a 1.8″ folding blade with a lock back mechanism. The Keytron has a satin polished finish and weighs a mere 1.3 ounces. This unique little tool has an MSRP of $27. A picture of the Keytron can be seen above on the right-hand side.


    The Powerpint is a stone-washed, compact multi-tool that once again punches in at an affordable price point of $54 MSRP. Weighing in at 4.2 ounces and boasting 18 different tools, this has tremendous utility for its small size.SOG tools

    • Awl | Blade (Full Serrated) | Blade (Straight Edge)
    • Bottle Opener | Can Opener | File (3-Sided)
    • Flat Screwdriver (Small) | Gripper | Hex Bit Driver (1/4″)
    • Jewelry Driver | Line Cutter | Needle Nose Pliers
    • Philips Screwdriver | Protractor | Ruler
    • Scissors | Wire Cutter (Hard) | Wire Cutter (Soft)

    Everything from a magnetic hex bit holder to a jewelry driver shows you that this thing is hefty in functionality.

    As you can see from the SOG tools being introduced this year, the mantra appears to be utility and affordability for 2018. Two great points to hit on because there is little consumers like more than that. Unless if they were free… free is always better (we hope SOG reads this, but we could live with these offerings and prices, too).

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