[SHOT 2018] New from Lyman, Brass Catchers, Snap Caps, and Reloading Presses

    Lyman has released a number of new products this year, but we’ll only be able to get to a few of them that really stand out. First off is the company’s new reloading line, branded in bright orange. In order of weight, they are the Brass Smith Ideal C-Frame Press, the Brass Smith Victory Single Stage Press, and the Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press.

    The Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press weighs 23 pounds and can be configured with up to 8 stations of turrets. It can hold up to 4 die sets, or four 2 die sets. The primer feed comes with a steel shield should any of the primers accidentally ignite while over the course of loading.

    The Brass-Smith Single Stage Press is a 18.1 pound single stage press that is configured to be used extensively with any one particular set of dies. 

    The Brass Smith Ideal C-Frame Press weighs in at 12.6 pounds and can hold rifle and pistol cartridges up to 3.700 inches in length.

    The company is introducing a very versatile bench block for working on different handgun parts and fitting. It is called the X-Block Gunsmith bench Block and has a 5″ diameter. Magnets are also molded into the base to catch small pieces as they are punched out of a handgun.

    The company is also introducing economical snapcap cartridges for dry-firing. Previously snapcaps could be purchased in much smaller quantities for a high price.

    The TacStar line has also introduced a brass catcher that can be mounted to the Picatinny rail of an AR15 or really any rifle that fits the same ejection dimensions. It has a heavy canvas portion to catch the rounds as they eject and hold up to 100 spent rounds. The upper portion has a vented metal portion that allows heat to vent out. It also has a QD attachment so it can be removed from the rifle without actually changing the Picatinny attachment.


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