[SHOT 2018] New Civilian Lab Brand from Hazard 4

    One issue that tactical gear makers have is trying to make their products blend in and looking anything other than tactical. Hazard 4 has been making the standard tan cases and gear for a number of years now but has finally jumped into the low-vis scene by creating their Civilian Lab brand. Essentially they are making their standard equipment but making it look more at home in a Starbucks coffee shop than any of their previous (and still being produced) tan gear.

    New for this year is their Dropshot, a tennis racket-style padded rifle case. Made to look like a tennis racket case but optimized for an SBR or similar length firearm. The dimensions are 13.75″ by 9.5″ by 1.5″.

    Also new is their Multi Pistol Carrier or MPC which comes in their Civilian Brand. It can hold up to 14 handguns stacked on top of each other, separated by padded sleeves both on the sides of the handguns, and on top to allow them to be double stacked without scratching one another.

    Hazard 4 also has a patented new buckle that is designed to lock in place so it doesn’t accidentally come open. It works off a swinging lever that swings one way to lock and the opposite to unlock. A neat feature on it is that if it is in the locked position, you can still insert the male end of the buckle and it will automatically unlock, allowing the buckle to be fastened. Then you can always lock it back in place. This buckle is called the Roto-Locking Side-Release Buckle and can be found on newer straps wide enough to accept the buckle.

    The company is also coming out with this Hard MOLLE system. Essentially it allows a MOLLE pouch to be mounted to the back of their hard packs, or really anything that can fit in between the polymer slats.


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