[SHOT 2018] Accuracy International’s Left Handed AX Rifle

    Accuracy Internationa has introduced a left-handed version of their multi-caliber AX precision rifle for this year at SHOT 2018. Other than simply changing the bolt handle and safety to the left side of the rifle, the magazine cutout was also switched. The magazine cutout allows a shooter to load a magazine while in the prone position, with a support hand and most importantly without having to lift the rifle up at an angle so the magazine can be readily inserted.

    It should be noted that this configuration doesn’t change the multi-caliber bolt head and barrel interchangeability, it will still be modular with the other systems that Accuracy International has for various barrel and bolt configurations. So left-handed users can still buy this system and not have to worry about compatibility other than the left-handed bolt and safety being any issue.

    Rather than a purely Military requirement, this change has been driven by the Precision Rifle Series competitions that a large number of precision rifle companies are now taking a part in sponsoring and even having teams shooting at. These are slowly becoming the “IPSC” of long-range competitions and we’ve already seen tremendous boundaries previously thought unreachable now in sight. This has been due to the community that PRS is building up, shooters and manufacturers working together to try and squeeze out the best they can with the equipment at hand. Just going through SHOT 2018, we can see a huge resurgence of long-range precision shooting and equipment. Some of this is probably coming in after the “Trump Slump” but a lot of this is driven by the PRS crowd and the ripples that occur in that pond. Of course, we’re also seeing the .224 Valkyrie being introduced, which Federal Ammunition/Vista pushed very successfully.

    Corey from TFB TV also did an episode about the system for our Youtube channel. MSRP for this system is around the $7,000 range.


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