You Can Shoulder the Micro Roni Stabilizer

    Micro Roni Stabilizer kit (CAA)

    Micro Roni with the earlier 4.9 inch brace (CAA)

    CAA has posted a short video explaining that it is completely legal to shoulder the latest generation of their Micro Roni pistol carbine conversion kit when its fitted with their stabilizer brace. The standard Micro Roni is an NFA item if it is fitted with a standard folding stock. CAA, however, has teamed up with SB Tactical to offer a version of the kit with a pistol brace.

    The new Micro Roni Stabilizer removes the earlier generation’s forward grip, which would have made the firearm an AOW, and the original shorter stabilizer brace. The original 4.9-inch brace has been replaced by a longer 7.6-inch brace which is also able to lock into the folded position.

    In the first of a series of videos Mikey Hartman, retired IDF Lt. Colonel and CEO of CAA, explains the legalities behind why you can shoulder the Micro Roni Stabilizer without having to SBR your Glock. CAA license their brace from SB Tactical and as SB Tactical have an ATF letter ruling that their brace is shoulderable, this means that the Micro Roni Stabilizer is too.

    CAA has now made the new extended Stabilizer Brace available for pre-order at $50 until the 28th February. It will then return to its normal retail price of $59.95. You can find out more information on CAA’s site here. CAA says they should start shipping in March.

    Check out the video with Mikey Hartman below:

    James caught up with the guys at CAA during the SHOT show, Hayim ran him through some of CAA’s new products including an update of the Micro Roni, check out the video below:

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