[SHOT 2018] Accu-Tac’s Quick Detach F-Class and LR Bipods

    Accu-Tac is a California-based company that has been in the bipod business for a couple years now. They brought two models of their aluminum bipods to SHOT 2018 this year, the Long Range model and the F-Class model. The F-Class model has a Quick Detach Picatinny rail section that is connected to the bipod. Unlike a Harris or Versa-Pod design with the QD “tit” that hangs on the Picatinny rail, these Accu-Tac bipods completely come off the rail.

    Bipods are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and currently only offered in a Flat Black coating. Length of adjustment ranges from a base height of 4 or 5 inches, with some models going to 10 or 11 inches depending on the particular model number and designation.

    The design is essentially the “internals” of the bipod legs and spring encased inside two pieces of aluminum that are held together with screws down the sides of the aluminum. This is connected to a sprocket that when the entire assembly is yanked down, allows it to change position around the center of the bipod swivel

    One issue that I had with the older LR bipod was this tension screw adjustment was pointed directly at the ground and wasn’t captive. If you turn this too far, or perhaps leave it loosened, it will drop out and get lost.

    The F-Class bipod is the companies newest offering, designed for F-Class competition shooting. It incorporates a much lower base for the rifle to be shot from in the prone. 

    Notice how much wider the F-Class is compared to the Long Range, allowing the rifle to rest lower to the ground. Also notice the different feet/spike choices available. Both can be ordered separately, or together with the bipod. Another concern I had was that that they could easily back out and come off. The owner of the company informed me that this nut isn’t for securing the bipod leg sprocket to the bipod body, as there are internal threads that do that.


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