POTD: DIY Adjustable AK Gas Block

    There has been some buzz over KNS’ adjustable AK gas piston. Having an adjustable gas block allows you to dial in the amount of gas to drive the gun. Of course the AK gas system is a flawless system when ran as designed. It is only when you try to do things outside its wheelhouse does adjusting the gas make sense. Suppressors have become immensely popular and wide spread. There are dedicated AK suppressors like the Dead Air Wolverine. But the problem with suppressors is often a build up of gas and even gas piston driven guns can experience gas blow back. Here is an alternative approach to an adjustable gas system for an AK.

    I gotta say this looks simple and practical. I think this could work. My friend Brian did something similar with a generic low profile AR gas block.

    Thanks to Hrachya’s friend Matthew Wheaton’s for finding the photo of the AK gas block.