[SHOT 2018] Derya Napoli 100/200 Bullpup Shotguns

    Turkish company Derya brought two variants of their new bullpup shotgun to SHOT 2018. The N-100 and N-200 are both semiautomatic, magazine-fed, bullpup shotguns that Derya is awaiting ATF approval for importation into the United States. The Napoli/N series uses Derya 5 or 10 shell magazines (10 shell ones were present at SHOT) and is currently chambered in 12 gauge, but has also been in .410 as well. The design uses some of AR15 parts as well, to include an AR magazine release, bolt release, and AR pistol grip. In addition to this, the design also uses QD mounts as well.

    This design is at least a year old, with an article in Guns Week last year about the design. However, the N-100 and N-200 configurations were first debuted at SHOT 2018. The earlier version had a sort of carrying handle/full-length Picatinny rail on top of the gun, in addition to more cooling vents down the side.

    The N-100 is configured more for a hunting or even a competition role with a smooth forend, adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable length of pull, and a single full-length Picatinny rail mounted at 12 o’clock for the mounting of optics.

    The N-200 appears to be more for tactical purposes, whether in an LE role or even a home defense shotgun. Gone is the adjustable cheek piece and length of pull spacers. The Picatinny rails run at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions and go down past the pistol grip, presumably for lights and possible ATPIALs devices to be mounted along the sides of the shotgun. The company has placed a contoured forward angled grip on the 6 o’clock rail that fits very well into the rear portion of the shotgun. Not too dissimilar from the MPT76’s angled rail mounted grip that is wedged up against the rear portion of the same 6 o’clock rail. It also appears that the barrel is thicker than the N-100.


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