Russia Adopts the RPK-16 Light Machine Gun

    At the end of the past month, we reported about the adoption of AK-12, AK-15, AEK-971, and AEK-973 rifles by the Russian military. Back then it was not clear if they are going to adopt the RPK-16 light machine gun, too. Today, Kalashnikov Concern and TASS news agency announced that the Kalashnikov Concern and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation have signed a contract concerning the procurement of RPK-16 LMGs. In other words, Russia has adopted the RPK-16.

    RPK-16 was first introduced during the ARMY 2016 arms exhibition. It is a modern light machine gun chambered in 5.45x39mm caliber. One of the key features of this LMG is the possibility of changing the barrel without a use of tools.

    RPK-16 features a side folding and telescoping stock, ergonomic pistol grip with cleaning kit storage compartment inside it, Krebs style safety selector and a new muzzle device. The top cover has two attachment points which makes it a more rigid platform for mounting optics on the built-in Picatinny rail. The aperture rear iron sight is placed at the rear of the top cover. It is windage and elevation adjustable just like other RPK rear sights.

    RPK-16 has a polymer handguard with built-in top and bottom Picatinny rails. It is also possible to attach rails on the sides of the handguard. The gun is fed from standard 5.45x39mm AK magazines but there are also new 95-round drum magazines designed for this firearm.

    By clicking on the following link, you can find a promo video of the RPK-16 published by Kalashnikov Media.


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