[SHOT 2018] Archon Firearms “Extremely Low Bore Axis” Pistol – the Type B

    Type B

    Archon Firearms, formerly known as Arsenal Firearms USA, showed off to the public their Type B pistol, also formerly known as the Stryk B pistol, at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range. To avoid a potential trademark dispute which would have delayed the introduction of this pistol even longer, Archon Firearms decided to re-brand themselves and the pistol.

    This unfortunately has created a delay in the production of the Type B pistol for consumers. New slides had to be produced with updated markings which took some time. Then, Archon needed to obtain a reissue of an ATF-required marking variance. This too slowed the delivery of the Type B pistol.

    Type B

    As a result, Archon Firearms is optimistically looking to get the Type B pistol out into the market some time in late spring. No definitive date or month has been set, but they are on their way to completion.

    Type BArchon Firearms had this to say in regards to the Type B pistol:

    Developed in Italy, manufactured in the European Union, and designed specifically to fulfill the preferences and highest expectations of the U.S. market, the Type B represents a new class of compact, polymer grip, striker-fired handgun, and features an extremely low bore axis and unique recoil-reducing mechanical design boasting improved accuracy over conventional pistols. A number of features preferred by American shooters–which would typically require expensive customization–have been integrated into the Type B’s design.

    Some of the key ingredients to this pistol that consumers will notice once they shoot it are the sights, bore axis and stippling on the frame.

    The bore axis on the Type B is being touted by some people in the firearms industry as the lowest on the market. After having shot the pistol at SHOT Show personally, I believe it is pretty hard to argue against that remark. The recoil is nearly straight back with minimal muzzle flip.

    The sight picture, like many companies are trending towards, utilizes a fiber optic front sight. Whether you are in an ironically dimly lit indoor range or shooting outside on an overcast day, fiber optic sights for both young and old can be a tremendous blessing.

    Type B

    Finally, the stippling. The stippling or texturing used on the frame of this pistol (in my opinion) could be improved. The spacing between the geometric pattern is possibly too far apart. Your hand tends to shift while shooting if you are not aware of this and focusing on maintaining a strong grasp of the handle throughout an entire magazine.

    Overall, I found it to be an enjoyable pistol. Hopefully we see these in retail stores sooner than later so more people can add them to their arsenal.

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