Found this photo in a KRISS Owners group. It looks like a KRISS Vector and an AR had a child. I don’t see the benefit of having just a long mag well other than for the aesthetics of a KRISS Vector. So why not just buy a KRISS Vector? With the KRISS, the barrel is more in line with your shooting hand thus reducing muzzle climb. The vectoring bolt supposedly minimizes felt recoil but I have had friends complain about it depending on the stock setup they run.

    So it appears this might be airsoft and that explains everything. Supposedly this is a KWA airsoft gun. This makes sense since KWA lost the license for their KRISS Vector and perhaps they made this to capture some of the market shares for KRISS vector like replicas? Right now Krytac is dominating the market since they are a division of KRISS Arms and are making their own KRISS Vector replicas.