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    Silencer Saturday

    Good morning fellow silencer lovers. Thanks for coming back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday. If this is your first time joining us for this weekly digest, our goal is to bring you the latest news, events and products coming out of the suppressor industry. Think of this as a safe place to come and read about a world where guns are always quieter (and more awesome).

    Silencer Saturday @ TFB


    As we discussed on Thursday, the contolling interest that is/was GEMTECH filed a lawsuit against Smith & Wesson in Federal Court on January 24, 2018. The 90+ page affidavit, including attachments, outlines a breach of contract dispute. The details of the suit aren’t really important to everyone outside of the two organizations (and maybe S&W stockholders) – it’s the perception of instability that is concerning. The GEMTECH name has been a staple of the silencer world for decades. And to make the situation worse, S&W fired several GEMTECH employees on Thursday. Let’s hope everything levels out soon.

    Silencer Saturday

    Suppressor lineup from GSL Technology

    And somewhat related, this week I interviewed Greg Latka, President of GSL Technology, a silencer manufacturing company based in Michigan. Latka, who was President of GEMTECH for two decades, now produces his own line of suppressors under the GSL brand. Interestingly, GSL is and has been the OEM manufacturer of silencers and parts for several major firearms companies – something very few people know. Look for the full interview with Latka in an upcoming edition of the TFB Innovators Series.

    In the middle of SHOT Show 2018 we reported that SilencerCo and Silencer Shop had decided to resume a business relationship. However, SiCo products are still not available on Silencer Shop’s website. Maybe the details are still being worked out? Or maybe they are awaiting delivery of the first batch of silencers? Let me know if you hear anything.

    Thank you to the reader who sent in this video review of the Fischer rail mounted GLOCK suppressor. We are definitely watching this one closely.

    Winchester Super Suppressed Ammunition 

    Winchester is releasing a line of ammunition geared towards suppressed shooters. The Super Suppressed line of ammunition comes in a variety of calibers and the 9mm and .22LR versions we heard being shot at the Industry Range Day was pleasant. Hopefully we will get a chance to review some of this ammo for sound reduction and accuracy. TFB’s Adam S. has a good SHOT Show writeup here.

    From Winchester:

    The use and ownership of suppressors across the United States continues to grow in popularity. In 2018, Winchester introduces a new line of ammunition called Super SuppressedTM made specifically for shooting through firearms outfitted with a suppressor.

    Super Suppressed will be available in six calibers — common to both rifles and handguns — including .300 Blackout, .308 Win., 9mm Luger, 45 Auto, .22 LR and .22 Magnum.

    TFB’s Hrachya H: The NEXT section in the third level hallway of the SHOT Show exhibition hosts some of the most innovative companies and interesting products. One of these companies is Armtech Armory which brought to the show their Overkill line of suppressors…read more.

    TFB’s Hrachya H: H&P Manufacturing is one of the companies that brings the metal 3D printing technologies to the firearms industry. We see more and more companies deploying these technologies to manufacture sophisticated parts that would otherwise be too difficult or even impossible to machine… read more.


    Today, we will take a look at Dead Air’s sort-of new Wolf-9SD. An adaptable subgun silencer, the Wolf was announced last August and is really the first true competitor for SilencerCo’s Omega 9K. As the highly satisfied owner of a Zenith Firearms Z-5RS, I’ve been especially intrigued by subgun-optimized silencers. Sure, my SilencerCo Octane 45 works great, but it’s longer than it needs to be for this application. With all of that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Wolf-9SD. More at

    Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe.

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