[SHOT 2018] TFB Exclusive – Bulletsafe Once Again Revolutionizes Personal Protection

    When BulletSafe first launched it’s sub-$300 Level IIIA bullet proof vest several years ago, I was completely onboard. In fact, we’ve carried the BulletSafe line in our store for years.

    So when I found out that my good friend and BulletSafe owner, Tom Nardone would have a booth for BulletSafe at SHOT Show 2018, I knew I’d need to pay them a visit.

    As I said, the BulletSafe vest was perfect. At just under $300, the pricepoint made it available to virtually anyone, the light weight design meant that it could be comfortably worn all day, and the Level IIIA coverage allowed for stopping power up to a .44 Magnum bullet.

    What more could you want?

    BulletSafe found a way to improve upon an already-great design!

    1. They removed the front pocket for a more flush fit to the body.
    2. The single top strap means eliminates extra weight while making the vest more versatile for those with longer torsos.
    3. The cool max liner in the back keeps the wearer comfortable, even in warmer climates.
    4. The Velcro side straps on either side can be removed and replaced with bulletproof side panels, or can be moved for larger or smaller girths.
    5. The entire vest has a streamlined design so it can be worn under clothing without revealing that you’re wearing a bulletproof vest.

    Of course, I enjoyed the Velcro patch on the front – perfectly fit for the TFB patch! 🙂

    Upgraded versions of the BulletSafe bulletproof vest 2.0 will be available to any customer who may have purchased one of the older versions for only $79. That’s a WAY better deal than having to purchase a brand new one!

    What Else Can Be Bullet Proof?

    FINALLY! The armored side straps referenced above will be Level IIIA, come in different sizes, have an MSRP of $129 and be available for purchase in about 3 months.

    The BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE front plate carrier with molle gear allows any BulletSafe vest owner to swap to a plate carrier, rather than a vest, with their existing BulletSafe vest. The carrier fronts will be available for only $39.

    The Ultra Light Weight poly-ethaline plates offered by BulletSafe are only $249 apiece, are 3.3 pounds apiece, and will also be Level IIIA rated.

    The bulletproof baseball caps were groundbreaking (and Tom got a serious amount of grief when they first launched)!

    And of course, the flexible bullet proof backpack panels are always popular.

    But perhaps the most innovative design is currently the bulletproof bandana!

    A Bulletproof Bandana?

    You read that correctly! The BulletSafe bulletproof bandana, available right now, has an MSRP of only $129.

    Covering the nose, mouth, and neck, the bandana has military potential written all over it. The Velcro design allows for easy removal when necessary.

    I’m always excited to see what the folks at BulletSafe will create next!

    Rachel Y

    Rachel Young is a 4x Best Selling Author. She and her husband John co-own an FFL/SOT showroom and machine shop in Tennessee, specializing in ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories.