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A Light Machine Gun for Independence: The Israeli Dror

The Israeli Dror Light Machine Gun was born during a time of necessity. What would later become the state of Israel was fighting off numerous enemies all around it and needed every weapon system possible. Through this endeavor, a sympathetic employer who formerly worked at Johnson Automatics helped [Read More…]

Kahr Arms Group A musket ball striking a breast plate AK47Shooter New Accu-Tac HD-50 Bipod for .50 BMG Rifles (1) 3/4 view of the 3d printed duckpuppy Dicks Sporting Goods 3d rendering of FFD Grand Slam

Cry Havoc Tactical and the new Quick Release Barrel (QRB) Kit

The industry is packed with new personal defense weapons (PDW’s) in all shapes, calibers, and sizes with the intent of providing a small but controllable package that can be easily deployed and give a large force multiplier in a small package. While many give up a [Read More…]

Armanov 9mm Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds (5) Big Bore Linear Compensator by TROMIX Lead Delivery Systems (3) Homemade Non-Reciprocating Forward Charging Handle for Blowback AK PCCs (8) Zev's PRO Compensator on a G19