[SHOT 2018] SB Tactical Adjustable Carbine Brace & P320 X01 Chassis

    SB Tactical has joined the rest of the industry at SHOT Show with their first booth. Ok it wasn’t really a booth, it was a kiosk in the NEXT area just outside the Press Room. These NEXT kiosks are for companies looking to get a booth at SHOT Show. There is a 5 year waiting period and this is one way to get your foot in the door.

    At their kiosk they unveiled their latest SBA3 brace. It is designed to fit onto the end of a carbine buffer tube.

    In order to stay legal, the brace detend only engages the last three holes in the buffer tube so the OAL is within the parameters set by the ATF. The SBA3 will have a QD insert for slings and you can see rectangular notches under the cheek rest. These will allow for future designs and modifications to the SBA3. Things like a raised cheek rest or possible different brace designs. The saddle portion of the SBA3is polymer while the wings of the brace are the same rubber like material.

    SB Tactical is also working on a PDW style brace with Manticore arms for the CZ Scorpion Evo3.

    They also have an update to their Mosserg 590 SBM4 brace kit. They have sourced a low profile folding hinge that will sit in between the buffer tube and stock adapter. So now your Mossberg Shockwave can have a folding brace.

    The truly interesting thing at the SB tactical kiosk was the X01 by FireControlUnit. SB Tactical had it since they are the ones providing the brace for this stock kit. The X01 work like a CAA Roni. It uses a Sig P320 and turns it into an SBR. However what sets the X01 apart from a Roni is that you do not insert the whole P320 into the chassis. Rather you remove the trigger pack aka fire control unit out of the P320 and insert it into the X01. Then install the slide and barrel. While this is a neat concept, it requires you to disassemble a gun whereas the Roni just requires the whole pistol to be inserted. You can quickly uninstall the pistol from a Roni and continue to use it. Not the case with the X01. For more information check them out at http://firecontrolunit.com/


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