[SHOT 2018] Adaptive Tactical – The Mag Fed Shotgun Gurus

    I am sure many of you have seen and heard about the Mossberg 590M? Like you I wondered who made the magazine. I doubted Mossberg came up with a magazine so quickly. Well if only I had looked under the magazine my questions would have been immediately answered.

    Yes they are the ones who came up with the magazine design for Mossberg. The answer was so clear I cannot believe I didn’t think of it. Their Sidewinder Venom Kit turns a Mossberg 500 into a magazine fed shotgun. One key element between the two is that the Sidewinder still relies on the lifter of the 500. This puts the magazine in front of the lifter. Pulling the charging handle back drives the shells rearwards and onto the lifter. The Mossberg 590M has the magazine inserted where the lifter would have been. This way the shells are stripped forward like a conventional magazine.

    Their magazine polymer is a proprietary blend from DuPont. It is infused with a lubricant so shells do not get hung up inside and aid in feeding.

    Adaptive Tactical has also designed a new pump tube for the 590M to make it into a take down model.

    All you need is this replacement tube.


    Once you remove the factory tube, you install this adapter into the 590M receiver.

    The tube will only work for the 590M and will retail for $120.


    Adaptive Tactical has also been working on a Ruger 10/22 Takedown stock and have now modified it for the Ruger Charger pistol.

    You can get their barrel for $329 with optic rail. Otherwise their barrel is $299.

    They will be offering a Ruger Charger stock with an SB Tactical brace. The stock will retail for $129.99 and the braced version will be $239.

    The stock below is similar to their 10/22 Takedown stock which normally has a AR style buffer tube. They altered the mold so the Charger version will accept the SB Tactical brace.


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