[SHOT 2018] Remington’s Guns For 2018

    Remington always has one of the largest booths since it includes DPMS, Bushmaster, Marlin, and AAC. At SHOT Show 2018 they were showcasing their magazine fed 870 DM with a simulated shoot off competition.

    The competitors would sign up on the laptop you see at the the bottom of the photo below. When it is their turn to shoot, they must draw the shotgun out of the 3Gun barrel, fire a round, reload and fire a round then dump the shotgun back in.

    To ride on the popularity of the 870 DM they are coming out with all manner of variants for the magazine fed shotgun and in one case a magazine fed firearm. Off to the left of this competition was a display of various 870 DM.

    Yes they will be making a TAC-14 DM.

    They also plan to release a Magpul Tactical 870 DM along with a slug gun and a tactical version.

    In the world of TAC-14 development they will be offering a braced version of the TAC-14 using a Mesa Tactical adapter and SB Tactical SBM4 brace. MSRP will be $729


    This hardwood TAC-14 is very intriguing and if you look closely it has what looks like a small mag tube extension. You can expect this to cost $499.


    This Marine Magnum Tac-14 is a bit pricey at $841.

    Here is a closer look at the Remington 870 DM Varieties.


    In the world of Marlin they are bringing out a threaded barreled 1895 CST.  It will be threaded 1/2×28 and be chambered in .38spl/.357mag. The 1895 CST will come with XS sights front and rear which will help as they are tall enough to to look over the suppressor. MSRP will be $1154

    You are probably wondering what the gun is in the very top photo. Well it is a machine gun that Remington imported from South Africa. It is a Denel Lands Vektor 77 and it is chambered in .30-06! That is what the Remington reps told me.


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