Turkish GİRSAN to Enter AR Market

    GİRSAN, known better for the Turkish handguns and shotguns that get imported into the United States, has appeared to step foot into the commercial AR15 market. Several online Turkish news organizations (VIDEO7 and KG) have published articles detailing what appears to be a GİRSAN press conference that shows a GİRSAN employee demonstrating the company’s entry into the AR field. The articles specifically mention that the rifle is an “Infantry Rifle”, intended for law enforcement customers. However, one of their plans is to try and compete for serial MPT76 production, already underway at MKE, Sarsılmaz, and Kalekalip. The Turkish Armed Forces number some 500,000 plus troops, and the current MPT76 production plans only call for around 45,000. If there is an operational requirement to produce more, the government will probably come looking for other private sector small arms manufacturers.

    The rifle appears to be a standard direct impingement AR15 with an adjustable stock that takes STANG magazines, chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO.

    Although GİRSAN explicitly states their rifle is for law enforcement customers, I think their true intentions are for the U.S. commercial market, with what appears to be a legal 16-inch barrel and a non select fire capability as shown in the photographs put out by the Turkish agencies covering it. The rifle is also outfitted with what appears to be a CAA handguard, and a CAA adjustable buttstock.

    This model put out by GİRSAN has been in the planning and development stages for at least several months, with an earlier version called the MC 4.


    A version of the rifle released in October of 2017.

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