[SHOT 2018] Strike Industries New Products

    Remember last year Cobalt Kinetics’ revolutionary auto mag release design?  Well Strike Industries have a polymer magazine design that features an auto drop just like the Cobalt Kinetics. The major difference is that Strike Industries figured out how to do this with the magazine so it is not rifle specific.

    The possibilities for this magazine design is genius. Actually to be more specific, the follower, The follower is what makes the magazine automatically drop out when empty. Here is how it works. When the bolt chambers the last round, the follower has not fully risen to the top. Once the last round is fired the bolt cycles and the follower can rise to push the bolt catch to lock the bolt back. Once it does this, the follower detent pushes the mag catch out of the way and magazine can drop out.

    They plan to release this for their own magazine design then they will make followers for other magazines. Most likely for PMAGs. I could see this being very popular for competition like 3Gun. Now you don’t have to buy a Cobalt Kinetics rifle.


    Recently Strike Industries teased social media about their entry into the stabilizing brace market. They designed it around their Viper PDW stock. Just like the Viper, their brace will auto deploy under spring tension.

    You will notice there is hook velcro on the brace. This is designed to attach to an arm brace kind of like an ACE bandage that is strapped around your forearm. They thought that having a convetional brace wrapped around your arm limits the shooter. “What if you have to put the pistol down due to a Law Enforcement request?” Yes that was actually an idea they had. Legal issues of being in possession of an AR pistol while police are asking you to drop the weapon is a separate issue, I do not see being hindered by you brace an issue. But they have a point. By having the arm strap separate from the brace, you are open to more options as a shooter. I would like to see their approval letter and see if you can shoulder this brace.

    SI is also coming out with their own minimalist stock. The Pit Viper features three position adjustment for length of pull. It only weighs 4 oz. They will include a fixed adapter for states that do not allow “collapsible stocks”

    Unfortunately the Pit Viper is only compatible with their Advanced Receiver Extension. You cannot use it on a standard carbine buffer tube.

    SI also showed me their short stroke piston driven upper. It features a fully contained short stroke piston with a forward non reciprocating charging handle.

    It uses a proprietary bolt carrier system but this means you do not need a typical buffer system and the gun can be fired with the stock folded.

    Jonathan of SI told me that their upper features a QD barrel system and it is compatible with standard AR-15 barrels. You can change calibers by changing out the bolt and barrel. This wont be available until next year but they are shooting for around $1000 MSRP on this. That is of course subject to change as they get closer to release date and iron out costs.

    SI will be releasing a series of branded AR-15s in collaboration with MOA customs. Mid year release we will see the Strike Raider. It will have a 16″ bbl and King Comp muzzle brake, SI Barrel, low profile gas block, 14.5″ Strike rail, SI branded lower, Nickel Boron bcg and a latchless charging handle. It will also come with billet take down pins and mag release. It will come standard with the flip switch as well as the enhanced receiver extension and castle nut.

    The Strike Raider will retail for $1400 for all black. Colored versions will be $1450.  They also plan to release an entry level version AR which will onyl be $820 for black and $840 for color versions.

    Rather than milled logo it will be laser engraved.

    I am looking forward to the gas piston upper and the auto drop magazine. I did inquire about their MP5 upper progress but it has been delayed due to other projects. They are still working on it but other projects have taken their focus.

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