[SHOT 2018] H&K 433 and HK416 A5

    Last year we saw pictures and some video about the new HK433 from Heckler & Koch. Here at SHOT Show 2018, H&K brought it out and we got to take a closer look at it.

    Just in front of the trigger guard you can see the elevator switch. It is very similar to the ACR elevator where you push down to close the bolt and lift up to lock the bolt back.

    The mag release is a paddle, similar to an MP5 where you push it with your thumb while grabbing the magazine to remove it.



    The charging handle is similar to the G3 folding charging handle but now it is reversible for right side charging.

    The rear sight is quick detach. Simply push on the small button on the left corner and slide the left side clamp rearward. The left side clamp slide diagonally back and to the left opening up and allowing you to remove the rear sight.


    The HK433 stock reminds me of the FN SCAR stock or ACR. It is polymer with an an adjustable LOP.


    The HK433 cheek rest is a little different from an ACR or SCAR in that it does not pivot up but rather slides up diagonally.


    Along with the new HK433, H&K had their HK416 A5 on display. I was particularly interesting in seeing how different it was to the previous HK416 or MR556 versions. Previous HK416/MR556 are basically a slight variant of a traditional AR. But looking at the one below you can see some significant changes.

    The bolt release has been enlarged and shrouded to prevent accidental activation. They have also added an ambidextrous mag release.

    Not only did they enlarge the bolt catch/release, they also made it ambidextrous. It is similar to the PDQ Ambi bolt catch design where there is a protrusion on the right side of the lower receiver. You lift up to lock the bolt back and push down to release the bolt.

    On the shorter barreled version, the handguard has an integrated folding front sight.

    I wonder if H&K will incorporate the new HK416 A5 changes into a civilian MR556 variant? I hope they bring the HK433 to the civilian market as well.

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