Schmidt & Bender 1-8×24 PMII ShortDot Dual CC

    Schmidt & Bender is coming out with a new 1-8x24mm scope in time for SHOT Show. The PMII ShortDot Dual CC has dual reticles. At first glance there does not seem to be a difference between this and its predecessor the PMII ShortDot CC. The key is in the Dual nature. The original PMII ShortDot CC has both the red dot and reticle in the second focal plane.

    Here is the reticle in the previous version.


    The PMII ShortDot Dual CC uses a traditional mill dot reticle in the first focal plane while the red dot is kept in the second focal plane. On top of that, it now has an illuminated reticle.


    With the new version of the 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC Schmidt & Bender present anonther concept of his 8 time magnification riflescopes. In contrast to the 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC CC with a reticle and FlashDot in the 2nd focal plane the new version of the 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC has a FlashDot in the 2nd focal plane and an illuminable reticle at the 1st focal plane. This combines the advantage of both a reflex sight and a riflescope, which is an ideal solution for mobile use in urban terrain from short to medium distances. The FlashDot allows in combination with the CC Mode (Close Combat Mode) the usage as a reflex sight for short distances. In this mode the riflescope has a true 1 time magnification and is parallax free to 7m. By increasing the magnification above the CC Mode the riflescope is parallax free to 100m. Since the FlashDot is located in the 2nd focal plane the size of the dot stays constant. Hereby three different illumination increments are eligible. At higher magnifications the Mildot reticle in the 1st focal plane can be used. Thus a opportunity for a direct measurement of target and object sizes is enabled. With a maximum magnification of 8 the 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC is also an ideal riflescope for identification purposes and operations up to medium distances. Hereby the illumination of the reticle can be regulated in 8 different increments, whereof three are optimized for the usage with a night vision.

    With a weight of just 639g, a length of 293mm and a 30mm main tube diameter the 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC is compact 2 in 1 system. Thereby it has a field of view between 35.3m and 4.9m at 100m. The elevation and windage turrets are lockable to protect the zero position against unintentional adjustment. Additionally to the black version of the riflescope it is also in camouflage colours RAL8000 and PANTONE 7504 available.


    Online it retails for $2,900. Which is the same as the previous version. A bit pricey but at least they kept the price point the same with the updated features.

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