New DAA 1911/2011 ambidextrous safties

    Double Alpha Equipment from The Netherlands have released Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields for the 1911/2011 pistols.

    They are made out of stainless-steel with state-of-the-art Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology, and designed for use on any 2011 or 1911 pistol. Note that some minor fitting is required.

    This is how DAA describes them:

    These safeties are designed to offer a wider and longer than standard paddle on left side of the pistol (right-hand thumb), with a smaller, yet still sizeable paddle on the right side, for those left-handed stages we all love so much! The total side to side width of the assembled Safeties are designed to be just narrow enough to fit the requirements of the IPSC Standard Division Box.

    The extended Safety paddle on the left side rests on top of the plunger tube, preventing excessive pressure and strain on the pin. The shields are well spaced away from the slide to avoid any contact or rub marks, which are common with other shielded Safeties.

    The large shields on both sides, ensure that you will not make contact with the slide, a known cause of malfunctions, especially in the heat of competition, when one’s grip tends to shift and sometimes tighten.

    DAA recommends that these products should only be installed and fitted by a qualified gunsmith. These safties are not “drop in” parts. Light fitting is to be expected in most cases. Finally, after the install make sure that the actual function of the safety is still there.

    You can find a direct link to DAA here. The price is 99 EUR, about 120 USD.

    Eric B

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