Atlas Gunworks Launch New Titan Operator 1911

    9mm 1911 Atlas Titan Operator

    Atlas Gunworks Titan Operator (Atlas)

    Vermont-based Atlas Gunworks have unveiled their new tactical 9x19mm 1911, the Titan Operator. Unlike Atlas’s line of competition 1911s, the Titan Operator is said to be optimised for duty and carry.

    According too Atlas’ press release the Titan Operator project began when a tactical team at an (unnamed) west coast sheriff’s department requested 9x19mm versions of Atlas’ Titan 2011 competition pistol. While competition guns run fast they are not optimised as duty pistols. So Atlas developed the Titan Operator.

    The Titan Operator with its slide locked back (Atlas Gunworks)

    Atlas took the Titan 2011 and added features for the tactical users. The pistol features a Tri-top and lightened slide, a railed frame – DLC coated. As well as a rubberised PT aluminium grip with an Atlas Tactical magwell – it feeds from a 19 round magazine, the pistol is shipped with just one magazine.

    Left side of Atlas’ Titan Operator (Atlas Gunworks)

    The pistol comes with an X-Line Vario flat faced trigger that pulls at between 3.0 to 3.5 lb. The Titan Operator has a 5” KKM bull barrel, Heavy Duty EGW thumb safeties and a u notch Atlas Tac Rear Sight. To ensure greater reliability, needed for duty weapons, Atlas have used heavier duty springs in the new pistol to ensure reliable function.

    Close up of the pistols controls, slide cuts and Atlas Tac Rear Sight (Atlas Gunworks)

    The Titan Operator is available do preorder from Atlas now, for $3,999.00, pistols are scheduled to ship in less than 3 months from order. At this steep price it’s unlikely many law enforcement agencies will be switching to the Titan Operator but as a hybrid it may make sense for competition shooters that want a more practical competition gun. For more photos and information visit

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