[SHOT 2018] YHM RESONATOR, Glock PCC And More

    Yankee Hill Machine YHM Resonator

    Checking in with Yankee Hill Machine at the 2018 SHOT Show, we found a solid set of new products for shooters of all types.The YHM RESONATOR silencer is the 7.62mm sibling of the 5.56mm Turbo released last year. This is a no-nonsense can with a proven and popular mounting system and a $630 MSRP.

    Speaking of mounts, YHM has built two adapters for the most popular SilencerCo line of suppressors. The Omega and Saker adapters allow for the use of YHM’s muzzle brake and flash hider silencer mounts.

    For those wanting to more easily swap gas blocks, Yankee Hill Machine has two products to assist you. First off, for rifles with pinned and welded muzzle devices, they have developed a hinged gas block that doesn’t need to be slipped over the muzzle brake and barrel. And if you prefer a more traditional gas block, YHM has built some low profile muzzle devices.

    And joining the club with a 9mm AR15 receiver set, Yankee Hill Machine is offering a last round bolt hold system that appears to work quite nicely.

    Lastly, in prototype mode, YHM is designing a rifle chassis (above) hthat they will be looking for input on from precision rifle shooters. Have ideas? Drop them a line from the links below.

    Yankee Hill Machine YHM

    Yankee Hill Machine

    YHM Resonator Suppressor – $630

    YHM’s new .30 caliber sound suppressor, the RESONATOR, was created to provide the shooting enthusiast a quiet, lightweight and cost effective suppressor. Capable of being used on multiple calibers and host weapons. The RESONATOR can be used on rifle calibers ranging from .17 HMR through 300 RUM making it a great choice for all shooters. Like the Turbo®, the Resonator uses a tubeless design which consists of heat treated 17-4 stainless steel and a heat treated 718 Inconel blast baffle which allows the suppressor to be full auto rated and designed for rigorous use. Includes YHM-4302 Q.D. Mount of your choice.

    YHM Omega Adapter: $150 – YHM Saker adapter: $180

    YHM developed these Q.D. Adapters to convert existing Silencerco® Omega™ and Saker™ suppressors to use our much simpler mounting mechanism. This is the same mount design that YHM has been using on our Q.D. suppressors for over a decade. Due to its simplistic design, there is virtually no way to incorrectly install the suppressor and risk the chance of it coming loose, yet it provides easy removal.


    • Hinged to go around the barrel with a pinned and welded muzzle device
    • Low Profile
    • .750″ Bore Diameter
    • Clamp Screw Mounted


    YHM’s 3 Chamber Low Profile Muzzle Brakes offer great recoil reduction, increasing recovery time on target. Their low profile design allows a gas block with an inside diameter of 0.75″ to be installed and uninstalled without the removal of the Muzzle Brake.

    The product’s small outside diameter is great when pinning and welding the Muzzle Brake on a 14.5″ barrel. Since it allows both the gas block and the handguard to be installed directly over the Muzzle Brake.

    YHM GLOCK 9mm Upper Receiver – $226

    This 9mm Glock Upper Receiver matches nicely with our new Glock Lower Receiver. This billet upper receiver has a built in Bolt-Hold-Open linkage. Used in conjunction with our Glock Lower Receiver the combination will function as a typical AR style rifle while utilizing the popular Glock 17 Magazines


    This lower is compatible with Glock 17 magazines. It is machined from a forged lower receiver blank. It includes both a feed ramp and an ejector made from 304 stainless steel and a heavy duty aluminum magazine release button. The lower comes stripped with the exception of the parts mentioned.


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