[SHOT 2018] KNS Precision Gen 2 AR15/M16 Spade Grip

    During the SHOT Show 2018, KNS Precision has introduced the second generation of their AR15/M16 Spade Grip. As the name implies, it is a spade grip conversion for the AR-15 type rifles. The Spade Grip installs on an AR-15 rifle with removed pistol grip and links the trigger back to the spade grip.

    Initially, this grip was compatible with mil-spec lower receivers only. With the Gen2, KNS Precision made it compatible with virtually any aftermarket lower receiver. The cutout in the trigger guard portion allows fitting any shape of an aftermarket trigger guard or a receiver with an integral trigger guard. The Gen2 will replace the original Spade Grip in the company’s inventory because the second edition version does everything the first one did and adds more versatility thanks to the above-described feature.

    KNS Precision Gen 2 AR15/M16 Spade Grip includes a buffer tube kit. The installation process is pretty easy and straightforward requiring only basic skills and tools. This grip kit also doesn’t require any permanent modifications to the weapon.

    Gen2 Spade grip is available for purchase on KNS Precision website at $460.

    Here is also a set of pictures from the company’s website.

    If you install an AR-15 pistol into the KNS Precision Spade Grip, it will still legally remain a pistol. Because it can’t be shouldered it doesn’t become a rifle. However, this is my understanding of the law. Make sure to contact your local law enforcement agency and/or the manufacturer to receive a comprehensive information concerning the possible legal issues.

    Hrachya H

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