[SHOT 2018] Armtech Armory OVERKILL Suppressors

    The NEXT section in the third level hallway of the SHOT Show exhibition hosts some of the most innovative companies and interesting products. One of these companies is Armtech Armory which brought to the show their Overkill line of suppressors.

    These suppressors have a two-piece design split along the bore axis. The two parts are attached to each other via a number of screws. They also feature a carbon fiber sleeve installed over the suppressor body. My initial thought was that the sleeve is there to seal any amount of escaping gasses from the joint. However, the Armtech Armory officials told me that it is not the case. According to them, the Overkill suppressors will perfectly work even without the sleeve and there is no gas leak issue because the screws provide a secure seal between the two pieces. The carbon fiber sleeve is used as a heat shield.

    Another interesting design solution makes it extremely simple to change the thread pitch to fit different firearms. All you need is to have a proper thread adapter which drops into the rear portion of the suppressor and gets sandwiched between the two halves of the suppressor body. Two seal rings machined on the thread adapter ensure a reliable alignment, retention and gas seal. It is also possible to install a Nielsen device into the suppressor, thus making it compatible with handguns that utilize a recoiling barrel operation mechanism.

    Right now the company has three versions of Overkill suppressors listed on their website. The rimfire version is priced at $450-$500. The 9mm and .45 Overkill suppressors’ prices vary from $650-$900 depending on the chosen options.

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

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