[SHOT 2018] BALLISTIC PROTECTION From Gatorz Eyewear

    Gatorz Eyewear

    A stroll through the social media circles of the firearms industry can leave you shaking your head. Not only can the gunplay be a bit untraditional, but somehow safety practices appear to be widely ignored. While I absolutely believe in individual freedoms, I also believe that we have a responsibility to the younger shooters amongst us who look up to the Instagram and Facebook trigger pullers for guidance in gear choices. As such, I believe the use of proper protective gear, including eyewear, is critical. At the 2018 SHOT Show Industry Range Day, Gatorz Eyewear allowed us a look through their unique design that offers up some of the best eye protection ratings in the industry.

    We all have our loyalties, so I was hesitant to take off my preferred brand of shooting glasses to try something new. However, the fit of the Gatorz glasses was comfortable, due in large part to the frame flexibility, and more importantly the lenses were clear and provided a vibrant view of the targets at various distances.

    I only had a short time through the Gatorz, but I was impressed enough to consider purchasing a set of the prescription models for range and driving use. Pricing starts at $160 depending on lens and frame color selections.

    Gatorz Eyewear

    Gatorz Eyewear Blackout Edition

    The Blackout Edition is the #1 request for Military Special Forces. The frame features our matte black logo instead of the regular silver edged logo. With no reflective colors and surfaces on the frame, the Blackout Edition is the most popular choice for the Gatorz enthusiast.

    • TruRay Optics
    • 100% UV Protection
    • Made from polycarbonate, one of the most impact-resistant lenses on the market
    • Anti scratch coating
    • 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum
    • Adjustable custom fit
    • Dual sided – 5 Barrel Hinges
    • Classic 4 – Rivet System
    • Frames are hand crafted in the USA
    • Hinge to Hinge Width= 132mm
    • Frame Height= 40mm
    • DBL= 16.7mm


    Unlike traditional sunglass lenses, Gatorz are made from high quality, ballistic grade polycarbonate, which gives them unparalleled resistance. Our glasses exceed global impact resistance standards.

    ANSI Z87+

    Our ANSI Z87+ line meets and exceeds US safety ballistic standards, giving you the ultimate protection against impact, while providing you with the durability, comfort, and adjustability you’re familiar with. Our ANSI rated products can withstand impact from projectiles at speeds of up to 250 feet per second.


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