[SHOT 2018] Blue Force Gear – Tracer Pack And Micro Trauma Kit

    Blue Force Gear

    Medical gear and ballistic nylon is not always the most exciting products to come out of the SHOT Show, but when it comes to life saving supplies and EDC transport, Blue Force Gear is on point. Announcing a larger version of their Jedburgh backpack – the Tracer Pack – BFG added more volume to an already feature-rich setup. Compatible with all the Dapper velcro system pouches and containers, users are able to setup their Tracer Pack as their daily mission requires. Estimated to be released in March, the Tracer Pack will most likely be priced a bit higher than its smaller kin which runs $140. Dapper accessories run from $11 to $36 depending on the model.

    Building off last year’s success of the Trauma Kit Now! immediate first aid system, Blue Force Gear released a smaller, pocket-sized kit with life saving supplies. The MSRP for the Micro Trauma Kit Now! is $69 and it is available for purchase now.

    BFG has added new model compatibility to the ULTRACOMP line of pocket holsters. The EDC Of concealed carry holsters for subcompact pistols and revolvers can be purchased for $27.

    Additional details and specifications can be found below.

    Blue Force Gear

    Blue force gear – Tracer Pack With Dapper Organization

    Meet the Tracer Pack. Like the Jedburgh, the Tracer Pack is named for an Allied deception operation during WWII. Designed to add additional capability in a “day pack” sized format, Tracer has features like side water bottle pockets, a quick access to pocket and an integrated inner laptop sleeve. It’s also Dapper compatible for quick and easy organization of all its contents. And to top it off, this highly durable design incorporates our ULTRAcomp® high-performance laminate on the bottom and along the front side’s Helium Whisper® MOLLE attachment system.

    The Dapper™ Organization System allows for customization not seen in standard packs, see all available products here. The pouches attach inside the pack where you want them and when you need them with a hook and loop system. This system can hold shotgun shells to pistol, and 5.56 magazines; the military elastic (Ten-Speed® technology) used securely holds similar sized objects. The M4 mag pouch easily becomes a cellphone pouch; the pistol pouch transforms to a multi-tool or flashlight pouch; and the list goes on. This turns the tactical Tracer Pack from a range pack to the everyday man pack.

    The Tracer Pack will be available for purchase online in late March 2018.

    Blue Force Gear – Micro Trauma Kit NOW! – Basic Medical Supplies

    • MSRP $69
    • Daily essentials to treat life threatening trauma
    • Designed to fit in TKN-003, but can also be dropped in a pocket or pouch
    • Hemostatic dressing for wound packing/clotting (1 included)
    • 4″ Emergency Trauma Dressing (1 included)
    • 9″ Medical Grade Easy Tape (6 included)
    • Tourni-Kwik Compression Tourniquet (1 included)
    • Heavy Duty Medical Gloves (1 pair of large sized gloves)

    The Micro Trauma Kit NOW!, or Micro TKN, is the smallest version of the Trauma Kit NOW! for every day carry. It is designed to hold essential lifesaving medical supplies on a belt.

    The Micro TKN was designed as an EDC trauma kit for law enforcement professionals, prepared citizens, or hunters. Deployment of critical first aid supplies can be done with one hand or a single finger from either the left or right side by pulling the BLIP featured pull tabs. The Micro TKN consists of two main components – the outer MOLLE or Belt mounted pouch utilizing the Ten-Speed technology, and a removable insert that keeps medical supplies organized.

    The front outer pouch features a laser cut cross with several signal indicators – black insert, red, or highly reflective glow-in-the-dark insert. The end user can decide which indicator works best for their use or leave all the inserts out for a pattern matched front for maximum concealability.

    The Micro Trauma Kit NOW!™ is available in several variations with or without medical supplies. See below for the best solution for your needs.

    Blue Force Gear – ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster

    Blue Force Gear brings the same revolutionary ULTRAcomp material developed for and proven on the battlefield to everyday carry in the form of the ULTRAcomp® Pocket Holster – the thinnest pocket holster available today. The ULTRAcomp® Pocket Holster removes unnecessary bulk by combining the ultra-thin ULTRAcomp material with model specific designs.


    Gone are the days of 100mph tape, 550 cord, and the frustration of your marking light bundles. Envisioned after many wasted hours of prepping traditional 4” and 6″ marking lights, the MARCO™ Marking Light Dispenser is an incredibly efficient and compact way to carry marking sticks for room clearing and many other applications. These disposable marking light stick dispensers take seconds to prep, rip open the foil packaging and slap the MARCO dispenser into the belt, MOLLE or Kydex carrying pouch.


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