[SHOT 2018] Ultralight Rimfire From 2A Armament

    Ultralight rimfire

    Manufacturers of premium quality AR15 rifles, 2A Armament debuted two ultralight rimfire setups that can be used as training kits or as standalone rifle platforms for hunting, target shooting or general plinking. The kits come in two forms: a drop in bolt carrier group that works with your existing .223 barrel or a barrel and bolt combination for building a complete upper.

    As with all 2A Armament products, the rimfire kits are well made and come complete with everything you need to get your rifle up and running. Of course, they also had a full display of their centerfire rifles, some of them coated in optional camouflage patterns and others chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

    2A Armament has additional plans for new products that could be available later this year. Details and specifications can be found below .

    2A Armament – Ultralight Rimfire


    Ultralight rimfire


    This combination kit features the patent-pending ultralight, precision machined 2A Armament titanium AR 22LR bolt carrier and the lightweight AR 22LR fluted barrel. This combination allows any standard AR15 upper to be converted to a dedicated 22LR upper receiver, which makes it perfect for those that are wanting to build a lightweight dedicated AR 22LR upper. Combined these items weigh in at 20 oz. Requires 2A Armament AR 22LR magazine (or compatible magazines).


    Bolt Carrier

    • Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium Bolt
    • Stainless steel collar, ejector, extractor, firing pin
    • Synthetic polymer buffer
      weight 7.0 oz


    • 16.5″
    • 7075 Aluminum
    • 1:16 twist
    • anodized black
    • 1/2-28 threaded
    • thread protector included
    • weight 13 oz

    MSRP: $439


    New for 2018 is 2A Armaments AR15 22LR product line. The 2A Armament 22LR product line is engineered for the highest quality, most reliable AR 22LR platform on the market.

    This ultra lightweight AR 22LR Conversion Bolt Carrier is perfect for those who already have an AR15 and just want a drop-in replacement to be able to fire 22LR through their existing AR15 rifle. This conversion bolt carrier incorporates precision machined parts, each with carefully selected materials for its function. This patent-pending design features a titanium bolt, stainless steel barrel collar with 5.56mm chamber plug and other parts, dual balanced reciprocating springs, and a polymer buffer providing a very lightweight and reliable option. Please see “22LR Compatibility” link for the latest updates on any accessory compatibility notices.


    • Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium Bolt
    • Stainless steel collar with chamber plug, ejector, extractor, firing pin
    • High strength polymer buffer
      weight 8.2 oz
    • NOTE: This AR 22LR Conversion Bolt Carrier is designed as a drop-in replacement bolt carrier on an AR15, and requires a 2A Armament AR 22LR Magazine or a compatible magazine for operation.
    • MSRP: $272

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