[SHOT 2018] Silencer Saturday – Out To One Mile Edition

    One Mile

    Welcome back to Silencer Saturday. Today we are capping off the 2018 SHOT Show with a pictorial review of the week’s silencer and silencer related gear along with a one mile shot using a suppressed bolt action rifle. More on that in a minute.

    With 20 TFB staff on the show floor, this was a very busy week and I did not get a chance to see everything on my planned list. Most notably, I missed the chance to link up with CGS Suppressors, Thunderbeast Arms, AWC Silencers and Advanced Armament. I’ll need to find a way to make up for it in the coming months. I did talk with a lot of amazing people who are working on some really incredible projects.

    Suppressing a One Mile Shot

    On Thursday we travelled out to Nellis Air Force Base for a private shoot with Delta P Design, Kelbly Rifles and the National Rifle League. Using a Kelbly bolt action rifle chambered in .338 Lapua, outfitted with a Delta P Design Brevis III and most importantly, spotted by Tyler Frehner of the National Rifle League, I was able to hit steel at 600, 1000 and 1760 yards – one mile.  For those of you who have shot one mile and beyond, I’m impressed. Admittedly, I just aimed where I was told and pulled a trigger, but I can see how extreme long range shooting can be fun and addictive.

    One mile

    Kelbly Rifles and Delta P Design (story pending)

    And lastly, before we get in to the silencers, I’d just like to acknowledge our amazing TFB staff who worked incredibly hard this week to bring you comprehensive coverage of this year’s show. On behalf of Tom, James and myself, thank you to all our writers and videographers.

    One mile



    B&T USA and H&K








    Griffin Armament – Optimus Micro (story pending)












    Innovative Arms – (story pending)


    Thompson Machine – (story pending)




    Credit: All Outdoor

    If you’ve been following the SHOT 2018 news frenzy, then you may know that top-end AR-15 maker LMT has announced a line of suppressors. What you may not know, however, is that those suppressors were not designed by LMT — the Illinois-based company (soon to be Iowa-based) is just the maker. No, the designer is Lawrence Livermore National Labs, at the request of US SOCOM.

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