[SHOT 2018] Wolf Ammo’s 9X39 AR-15 And Taiwanese 205th Arsenal

    Last year Wolf announced the they were bringing in a somewhat rare cartridge, 9X39. For the longest time the 9X39 round was somewhat shrouded in mystery. It is supposedly armor piercing and so banned from importation. Well last November they started to import the commercial version of 9X39 into the US. They originally imported older steel cased versions of 9×39 but those will be phased out for brass cased ammo as seen in the photo above.

    In order to shoot this new ammo they have been building AR15s chambered in 7.62×39 already. They are still working out the details and deciding what configuration their 9×39 AR15 will be offered. They will have a basic upper for sale for about $500 but that is very early and a target for them to shoot for. Expect that price to possibly change closer to actual release date. Wolf will most likely have versions to shoot at the next Big 3 East in March.

    Wolf is continuing to build on their popular WolfA1 upper. For those not familiar it is a replica of the Taiwanese T91 rifle. Wolf will be making shorter barreled versions of the WolfA1 with 12″ and 14″ long barrels.

    On top of the 9X39 barrels and T91 SBR uppers they showed off some currently issued gear used by 205th Infantry. The 205th are the ones who also make the Taiwanese ammo that Wolf imports into the US. They are also responsible for providing the T91 parts that make up the WolfA1.


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