[SHOT 2018] Safariland’s VieVue Smart Body Cameras For Police

    My friend told me about the VieVu and that I need to go check it out. VieVu is a smart body camera system designed for law enforcement.

    The problem with body cameras is that they are typically manually activated and in the heat of the problem it is easy to forget to turn the camera on. VieVu automates the process.

    Safariland took one of the holsters and modified it. They added sensors and a transmitter. So when an officer draws their firearm a sensor then triggers the transmitter and sends a signal to the radio which alerts dispatch that a weapon has been drawn. Simultaneously it activates the body camera. Reholstering the gun does not turn off the recording.

    Safariland is working with Digital Ally to pair up the LE5 body cameras so that when the patrol car door is opened, it activates the body camera. Digital Ally can also be set up so that if an officer draws his weapon, Digital Ally will activate body cameras on other officers at the scene.




    The large slider switch is what activates or turns off the body camera manually.

    VieVu also has a budget entry level version body camera called LE5 Lite. This is designed for departments with smaller budgets. Like park rangers or a security team.

    The footage from the LE5 body cameras are stored internally however there is a subscription service that will allow you back up the footage in the cloud.

    The LE5Lite records for less time than the standard LE5Lite.

    This technology could be extremely useful in protecting the officers since now there is video evidence and no need to consciously activate it. It is automated and allows the officer to focus on the task at hand.


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